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Oct 11, 2019

Today, I have shared some important Key Drivers which will help you to figure out what kind of an economy you're investing in. It's very important that you know if an area is a good place to invest now and also how it's going to affect the future value of the property.

When we first started investing in Real Estate, we...

Oct 9, 2019

Today, I had the pleasure of interviewing Karen Briscoe, who is a Realtor, Author, Top Producer, Entrepreneur and Speaker.

Karen Briscoe is the creator of the 5 Minute Success concept. She regularly speaks on a national and local level on the best of 5 Minute Success.

In this interview, Karen shares why people find it...

Sep 30, 2019

Welcome to Mindset Monday live on Facebook with Edna Keep!

On this topic, I am sharing you some practices that use to keep myself focused.

Whenever you struggle or have challenges with anything, don't hold two thoughts same time in your mind.

For example, how do you recognize that some thoughts are not align with your...

Sep 27, 2019

To find out what is the most important aspect in attracting investors to your deal, you need to listen to this video.

Discover what it takes to create wealth with Real Estate. Build your wealth while you help other’s build their wealth. From beginner to seasoned Investors you will discover what it takes to scale this...

Sep 27, 2019

Tim Bratz who is Entrepreneur and Real Estate Investor in USA shares his incredible journey with us.

He buy, develop and hold apartment buildings, vacation rentals and other commercial real estate throughout states.

He currently has portfolio of 3200+ rental units with a value of over $250 million.

Listen this podcast...