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Jun 13, 2019

I had an interview with my student Fraser Nybo and I wanted to say that I really loved our chat. Connecting with someone is easier when you share a common idea, thought or opinion.

But, first of all, let me introduce you to Fraser, who is a Real Estate Investor based out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan with properties in Saskatoon and Montreal, Quebec. His passion for real estate is contagious and transpires through every conversation you have with him. For the last 9 years, Fraser and his wife Vanessa have been buying properties, first starting with buy and holds and then moving on to single family home flips. Their company is YXL Real Estate Investment and they are focusing their efforts on 12+ unit apartment complexes. They work with investors who are looking to create passive income by investing in solid real estate assets.

Fraser started his first real estate investment with an idea to buy a single family home with the fix and flip strategy. Initially, he has to go through the learning curve on his very first investment since the location of the property was right across the intersection on a busy street and the passing vehicles' head lights fell right into the living room area so he had to sell his first investment with a loss of $5,000. But after then, he talks about his best deal from which he made $50,000. He found this sweet deal which was in one of their target areas. So initially, Fraser's strategy was to generate short term cash flow through Fix & Flip.

Currently, Fraser is working on a 16 unit apartment building and the best part of this deal is that he found one of his investors, a fellow student of the 90 Days to 5k program, through Edna’s annual event PREF 2019 when he presented his deal to the Prairie Dragons. He recommends that 90 Days to $5K is one of the best platforms to network with like minded people and offers a great learning curve for people who want to invest in Real Estate or for the people who just started investing in Real Estate. Since you will get to learn about positive mindset and will have an opportunity to network and gain knowledge from a leading Real Estate Investor.

After getting through my program 90 Days to $5K, Fraser is more confident to go move onto multi-family properties.To hear and learn more about Fraser's interview, Click here.

So if you are interested on how to buy the right real estate with investor capital, join my program, 90 Days to $5K.