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Jun 17, 2019

How to develop the confidence to speak to an Investor? You know it's kind of like developing your confidence in any area of your life such as going for a job interview or anything like that. But first of all, you have to have a belief in yourself and there are ways to build that up. In Real Estate, I believe that if you want to start talking to Investors about capital, first of all it is best if you have some experience already or are partnering or teaming up with people who have some experience. But a lot of times, even if you have that opportunity, there are still people that will say “Edna I don't know what to say. I don't know, I just find myself stuck, I don't approach people even when I get a chance to” , so this is where I am going to help you today.

First of all, take the focus off of yourself. So many people are worried that I am going to screw up, I am going to say something wrong. Instead, get to know the other person first and that's the power of networking. Find out what it is they are looking for. How can you help them in their lives? It may not be investor related today but if you can show other ways that you are a good source of knowledge, you can help them in other ways. They will start looking at you as a different person and that's where your confidence starts getting built. You know, it might be that you are really good at vehicles, and you know what someone says that I have a challenge with my car, and next thing you know that you're working at their garage and you are working on that and they might ask what do you do? How is it that you are able to be home during the day? What's up with that? And then you would start interacting with them, you know what, I am a full time Real Estate Investor and I help people create passive income through Real Estate. And that is how easy the conversation can come up. But if you look at people as if they are your lunch, they might not be very open to you.

So where in your life can you start adding value to people? One of the things that I teach to my students is, people need to understand Real Estate before they will invest in it. May be you start doing Facebook videos or may be you start writing articles or doing some newsletters. And you start sharing with those people. It could be as easy as you are going through your phone and trying to figure out who might be interested. And you know you will never know 100% until you ask people. So don't be scared to ask. You might ask, what interests you most or something like that. One of my student that I was talking to had told me I like to travel and also like Real Estate. So I think it's great you can have two topics to be interested in. Mine is Real Estate and Mindset. I love studying Mindset, so it's a good fit. Or sometime you want to work on a lifestyle change and you are talking to somebody you know who is in the same field as you and you let them know what you're doing to make your lifestyle change. Or ask What are you doing to build up your passive income? One of my favorite quotes of all time is “if you don't build up your passive income, you will work until you die”. May be those are some of the things you can share with others. Also, other people don't always know that there are opportunities available for passive income. So share what you have learned.

To listen to more on how to develop your confidence to talk to the potential investor, listen to my Facebook Video here