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Jul 2, 2019

How many times in life have you waited before you were willing to try something different, to reach out to someone, to start over – simply because you wanted to “get it right” before you acted? I would say probably too often, right?

So today I am going to discuss this topic; Show Up Before You're Ready". Have you ever heard the saying; "Nobody is ready to have kids". You know, it's the same thing with multi-family or a larger portfolio. You will always try to get ready but never be 100% ready. Even as you're building, purchasing, making offers or signing the mortgage documents, you're going to say, I am not ready! But you know, you are ready, if you have done some studying, you've got a mentor; someone who hold your hand, you are ready. What are you waiting for?

While some people say I am waiting to raise some capital, I am waiting to find that great deal. I still remember listening to my mentor Don Campbell, from the REIN group. He said that most of his deals were average deals. They were not home runs. He said he paid market price for most of his deals. And we also had some really good deals and some deals we didn't argue much over the sale price since we know we can get out better in long run, if we make the right move. So what if you haven't got great deals or don't have enough capital to invest in Real Estate. You can always come out better if you have the right mindset. I also have set backs in my life but I always come out having learned from my experience.

So what about you? Are you holding back about something, feeling fearful of stepping out? Do you want to try something new and completely outside of what you’ve ever done in your life? Or is there something you’re just not making the time for, and busyness is encroaching?

I don’t know about you but I feel an undercurrent in me that keeps saying “Do it now! Don’t wait. Go for it. The time is right because if not now, when?”

We’re old enough, smart enough and experienced enough to give ourselves permission to do it. By the way, whatever “it” is for you is all that matters. No one else gets a vote. No matter how small a thing it is, or how big, only you get to decide.

To learn more on this topic, watch my Facebook live video here.