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Oct 11, 2019

Today, I have shared some important Key Drivers which will help you to figure out what kind of an economy you're investing in. It's very important that you know if an area is a good place to invest now and also how it's going to affect the future value of the property.

When we first started investing in Real Estate, we took an ACRE course with Real Estate Investment Network (REIN). And let me tell you this, if you're not a REIN member, I would suggest you'd become part of it since it will help you in many ways through your Real Estate Investments.

Before investing in Real Estate, I would encourage you to find most of the information regarding these key drivers which can affect your investments. You can also find this information through local economic development offices or online through their websites.

There are many key drivers that affect both the current and future value of your properties; but let me tell you some of them here;

  • Is the area's population growing faster than your provincial or national average?
  • Is the area's population younger than the provincial or national average?
  • Is the area's vacancy rate is lower than the average?
  • Is the area creating jobs that are faster than provincial or national average?
  • Is the area's major transportation improvement occurred near by?
  • ......& more.