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Mar 4, 2020

Today I am going to introduce you to one of my students from Laser Coaching who is doing an excellent job in Real Estate Investments and is getting ready to close her first multifamily in Edmonton with none of her own money. Zorya started my Laser Coaching program little over six months ago and she has had much success.

Zorya and her husband both are engineers in profession and they have really good jobs but they did not have a retirement plan in place. So Zorya started searching for her options and she and her husband came across investing in Real Estate and they really liked the idea since they can invest in the Real Estate as well as run their business while growing their portfolio and in turn make their financial future secure.

Initially, Zorya joined to REIN- Real Estate Investment Network and learnt quite a bit from that group. Then she started taking some courses on how to invest in Real Estate professionally.

Once she learnt that she got their first single family home and couple other houses on their own and with the help of the family members. Those properties worked out pretty well for them and they started looking for more properties to invest.

As their cash on hand dried out they started looking for Joint Venture Partners and it was not easy for them to find one. So they came to me and now they are doing newsletters and publishing their knowledge and their successes online on social media and they've found their investors by doing so. Zorya really emphasizes that having your presence online on different social networks helps people know what you're really doing out there.

When Zorya wanted to invest in multi-family she started taking courses on how to invest in multi-family and from there she learnt the big differences between investing in single family homes and multi-family. Finally, one day she was approached by a fellow who wanted to invest in multi-family with her by following her online presence and she found her first investor and is able to close her first 6-plex with him.

No matter what your background is, Zorya says if you take proper actions by joining your regional REIN, taking courses on how to invest in Real Estate and working with a Coach, you should also achieve your financial success.

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