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Sep 16, 2019

Discover what it takes to create wealth with Real Estate. Build your wealth while you help other’s build their wealth. From beginner to seasoned Investors you will discover what it takes to scale this business to build a lifestyle of your dreams.

Aug 30, 2019

Can you imagine a life where you didn't have to work every day? Instead of needing to work you could work because you wanted to or, you could choose not to work because you wanted to. How? By building a passive income.

One of the ways to earn passive income is to buy apartment buildings.An 18 to 24 unitapartment...

Aug 26, 2019

In the spring, for the first time I offered Laser Coaching to individuals who want to get an expert opinion and help to focus and align their Real Estate business with a focused direction.

And trust me, I am able to guide them with what I have learned throughout my career. Whether it's a mindset challenge or you want to...

Aug 22, 2019

I got a chance to interview Jared Kneitel, my former student of 90 Days to $5K and we have shared some of the very important information on how to maximize the return on your retirement saving funds.

Jared was taught from a young age to go to school, get good grades, get into a great college, and get a good job. And...