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May 6, 2019

053 Mindset - Character Development


Character plays a major role in everyone's life. "Character" can be defined as the type of the person you are or you want to be. May be you start by admiring traits in other people and figuring out how you can emulate them. So I chose this topic "Character Development" because I think this is something we always can be working on.

I know that people have a tendency to admire famous characters whether it is someone like Abraham Lincoln or a person in our community who is doing great in Real Estate. So my question to you is that "How do you develop your Character?"

For me, it's the people I already admire such as people who are doing really great in Real Estate, or people who are always, always Happy, people who got fantastic kids for parenting. Everything is developed around your character. For example, you could decide that you want to be more determined. Well, the biggest thing you can do to gain any of those character traits is to practice them. And sometimes you need to practice them by trying them on and it will feel foreign to you at first like anything. Such as you want to build Real Estate Portfolio and it's going to feel foreign to own 24 Units Apartment building. But when you own one, it's like natural progression and now may be you want to own another one may be 36 Units or 42 Units or whatever comes next.

One of the ways to do this, is pick a characteristic you want. Like, I always keep note pad with me and make a list of what I want to become and keep practicing the characteristics and make a note of my progress. It could be working for one character trait for one full month and make a note when you practice it. It might be practice for public speaking, listening skills or listening to understand. You can see what other people do and emulate them but then also practice it for your self because somebody else's character is really hard for you to emulate. And if you have a desire for a specific character development then you just find the people that you wanted to be like or define for yourself what that means to you.

Honestly, challenges that put in front of us help us develop better character. So set yourself a goal and work towards it.