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Nov 26, 2018

I am passionate about helping new and experienced real estate investors grow their real estate portfolios and build a passive income lifestyle that gives them greater financial options and opportunities. My vision is to empower people by educating them on financial options.

Over the last nine years, I have built my own real estate portfolio to over 520 doors with a value of $60 million. I focus on long term buy and hold, apartment buildings and multi-family units. While I continue to add doors to my portfolio (I added another 85 in 2018 alone and have another 87 under contract to close shortly), my focus is on training others to do what I have done.

I am a real estate investment coach. Multiple Ways to Wealth is a training, education and membership organization for real estate investors that I have developed. It is based on my experience, knowledge and training.

I provide training, coaching and educational resources. Through my programs, I share my real-life experience and practical knowledge. I give those in my programs access to my network of successful real estate investors to learn from their knowledge and experience.

My specialty is finding the money. I know how to find, attract and keep investors happy. I help my students attract the right investors so they can add hundreds of doors to their portfolios by investing with joint venture partners.

Living the life you desire takes work. I am a firm believer that with the right mindset and the best training we can solve our biggest problems to live the life we deserve.




Hey, hey. It's Edna Keep here. Welcome to the seven figure real estate podcast. I'm your host. I hope you enjoy the episode.

Good morning. Hello, Edna Keep here. Welcome to my Facebook live.

I just want to share with you a little bit about what we learned this weekend. We went to a three day mindset retreat the first time that I have spent a whole weekend in mindset and I took eight of my coaching students with me and every one of them has said how powerful it was to be there. The number one thing that I teach on my courses is mindset because I believe that ninety percent of your success will come from the right mindset and I've also learned that nobody thinks they've got a wrong mindset and I’m not saying mindset is wrong.

What I'm saying is if you want to grow to the next level and do things you've never done before. You need to have a mindset shift and we went this weekend and I think every single one of us had a mindset shift, you know we’re meant for great things, we’re meant to do everything that we can dream about we’re meant to be big and I think that a lot of people play small in this world. They don't even know what it is and until you go and really look into mindset. You can't you know, especially, you know, I feel for myself I've grown a lot over the years. I was a single mom at sixteen years old.

I had a pretty bad attitude when I was young you know, and I changed it and I had to work really hard to change. It did not come easy. I still remember I reading this book called, “What do you say when you talk to yourself” by Shad Helmstetter and I realized that I talked very badly to myself and one of the things that Fabian pointed out this weekend at her mindset retreat is that if a government agency hear how we talk to ourselves we could be charged with abuse. What if we talk to our children the way that we talk to ourselves? That can be considered child abuse. So, think about that. What do you say when you look in the mirror in the morning? Do you say oh my God I look like crap, oh my God I didn't sleep well, oh my God I'm going to be tired all day. You know when you when you wake up and you haven't had the best sleep and I mean it happens to all of us and you say to yourself I am going to be tired all day. Guess what you'll be tired all day, I wake up and I go “I guess I didn't need that much sleep last night” and I'm not tired all day. There’s an odd time that I will get tired if I'm doing something that doesn't require any brain power. We got in from our flight last night at 1:30 in the morning and we were up early because we wanted to spend some time with the girls before they're off for school, so I could be tired, but you know what? I don't even think about it, and I know when I'm sitting in my… I go for a haircut and color today and when I'm sitting in my hairdressing chair all relaxed and someone else doing their magic on me. I'll probably fall asleep my hairdresser laughs at me because I nod off. If I'm sitting there and I've got nothing to do why not? My eyes get a little heavy. Big deal. So, what do you say when you wake up in the morning that’s going to describe your day to yourself. If you’ve said positive expectations on the way you want your day to go if you read your goals every morning when you wake up your mind starts working on that kind of stuff for you. One of the sheets that Fabian gave us I'm going to share this with you. So, I hope you can read it there. I'm going to turn it around because I do have to read it. I haven't got this implanted into my brain yet, but I want to challenge you guys to expect great results.

So, one of the things she wants us to say to ourselves every morning and every night or for in a challenging situation is I am positively expecting great results no matter what I see in front of me. The universe is rearranging itself for my best interest right now. But anyway, expect a positive it is much more apt to happen if you do. Fabian told us the story about being stuck in the airport and the officials had told her you can't go any further because you're missing this piece of paper and she had no idea what piece of paper they were talking about and she had a mental mindset retreat in then another city she had to get there or one for business classes I can't remember what it was she said and she said she says I just grabbed the stand at the airport and she says and I said that mantra over and over and over and over my head because the attendant had said to her I think it could be in your suitcase and she said well maybe and again she had no idea what they were talking about. So, she said as they went to get her suitcase. She just that over and over again positively expecting great results no matter what I see in front of me.

The universe is rearranging itself for my best interest right now, and she said I must have said that thirty times because they were gone a long time to get my luggage. But they brought it back, they opened it. They said is this your luggage she said yeah, they opened it and the piece of paper with sitting right on top. She said I've never seen that piece of paper before. How cool is that? So, as I said I challenge you to start changing the way you think, and it starts with small things that starts with how you wake up and what you say to yourself if you can say to yourself. “Hey, I'm going to have a great day.”  The chances are you're going to have a great day. If you say to yourself “I didn’t get to sleep till 2:00 last night”. “I'm going to have a crappy day” your day is probably going to be crappy I said, I don't even let myself go there. I don't even think about it.

I see Bev has joined me. Hi Bev. Thanks for coming on. I was actually just talking about you because I’m coming in to see you this afternoon and I was saying we got in from our flight really late last night and we had long day's when we were there at the mindset retreat was that eight-thirty in the morning till nine-thirty to ten every night. And last night it ended a little earlier but myself my Mastermind group went for dinner just to chat and make some plans for what we're going to do differently coming up and so it was late again when we got in and we're up early because we had to be at the airport and I said you know what I don't feel the least bit tired. But this afternoon when I’m sitting in Bev’s chair I’ll probably nod off and it won’t be the first time right Bev. I've done that a few times before and it's just because I sit, and I relax and reading or chatting and you know what there's nothing for me to do. So why not nod off right.

Anyway, think about that. Another thing that they shared with us that I thought it was really really powerful because a lot of people are wondering when their mindset is right and when they're manifesting good things and when they're not attracted good things to them. So, another thing that they taught us this weekend is that they talk about the twenty-two emotions that we have and when we're having the emotions if we're are manifesting or not. So, the highest manifestation vibration you can have is living in a state of faith, trust, joy, love, appreciation and gratitude. If you don't have a gratitude practice every day, I suggest that you add that in because that makes a difference in getting yourself into that space so that you're getting the things that you want.

The second one is passion. If you have passion about what you do and what you share in the world it’s so much easier to get up and share that with people. This past weekend was so powerful and one of the things that they kept saying over and over is you have to have passion for what you do because if you don't you can't sustain the energy level you need to have to be really great. You can show up you can have a regular job you can do well but you won't be really really great if you don't have a passion for what you do. Then number three is enthusiasm, eagerness and happiness. So, if you feel like you're enthusiastic, eager and happy when you get up in the morning guess what you're manifesting those things that you want in your life.

Number four is positive expectation and belief. The belief that everything is happening to you for a reason. One of my mentors use to say to me “Edna things don't happen to you they happen for you.” So, when you have a challenge going on in your life ask yourself “So, why is this happening for me? What do I need to learn from it?” And you know what as a real estate investor, you're going to get many many many challenges. Your mindset has to be in the right space to handle it because otherwise the first time you roll over with a challenge you'll give up and that's not where the rainbow and the pot of gold is when you give up. It’s when you keep going when you get up you put one foot in front of the other and you have a belief that you can make a difference in the world and change things. Optimism that’s number five, are you an optimistic person or are you pessimistic? Gosh, do whatever you can to change that. The world’s a great place.

We’ve had some conversation going on in the Profit in the Prairies group because we posted something about Saskatchewan being going to be drilling more oil wells in Saskatchewan this year than Alberta is and we're pretty proud of that and some people were terrible people because we're only interested in money and we're greedy and a lot of swearing going on, you know what, it's kind of interesting what comes out when people are passionate about something but you know what? I think it's great that people are looking for renewable resources to use I absolutely do I want the world to be a great place for my kids too. But you know what we have to use what we have right now. If you're if you're watching me, you on your phone if that's made out of an oil-based product and unless you're willing to give up that I have to use it. And then I challenge you if that's something that you want to keep working towards it because it's going to come, and I don't know if it'll be in our lifetime. But I'm so happy that a lot of people work on that kind of stuff. I don't have the time to work on that kind of stuff. It's not my passion. So, if it's your passion go for it.

The next one hopefulness and contentment. If you’re just sitting at your desk and TJ I see you joined us and congratulations on that new baby and he's just sitting there just feeling so content holding that precious little bundle in your arm that you're manifesting whatever you want in your life because that feeling of love for your child is the number one feeling that you can have to be manifesting. So, anything when you're laying there and you're hugging that little one then and I just love all over her. Just know you're in the state. You're in the perfect state to manifest, whatever you want so ask for it. Ask the universe for whatever you want. And right now, it's probably the main thing you want is a healthy baby and that's wonderful, but add in a few other goals that you might want. Like, maybe I don't have to go back to my practice for the next year or whatever it is you want because I'm not sure, I'm not planting things whatever you want get yourself in that state and then ask for it that's how you're going to manifest things and the emotions that if you're on this side of the list you're not manifesting anything. So, get out of those faces as quickly as possible and here they are in order boredom, pessimism, frustration, irritation, impatience, overwhelm.

How many times do I hear people say “I'm so overwhelmed” as long as you're telling yourself that every day you will always be overwhelmed. Stop it right now. Don't worry, blame your life where you are right today. You have built that, your life is the way it is because of every thought you think and every action you take based on the thoughts that you think if you're not where you want to be, change that it's no one else's fault. If not, the government's fault. It's not your parent's fault. It's not your sister or your brother or employees’ fault or your employer. It is your fault, get that and move past it. To me, that is one of the biggest things that I see that holds people back blaming other people for where they are in their life. You know, what don't do that take control and do what you want to do and if things go wrong know that you’ve had something to do with it. Discouragement, anger, resentment, revenge, hatred, rage. When I hear all those people swearing and saying, “Oh go f your sister” and whatever they've got rage that has nothing to do with how many oil wells are being built in Saskatchewan go deal with that, as long as your rage raging and resentful and hating on everyone you're just going to get more of that in your life know that.

Jealousy, insecurity, guilt, unworthiness, you know that nobody makes you feel unworthy. You make yourself feel unworthy. Nobody can do that for you. So, own it and do something about it. And then the very worst number twenty-two; fear, grief, depression, despair and powerlessness. If you get into those states know that you did it yourself and if you can take and change what you're thinking about you can get back to the other side of the fence where you’re content, where you're hopeful, where you’re optimistic about the future and I find this is the easiest way for me to get into that state is just think about the love that I have in my life, you know, very first the first ones that come to my mind are my girls. I absolutely love my girls. They are awesome, they’re amazing, and I'm just so so fortunate to have them in my life and that that's the first thing I need to think about to get into my state. So, anyone of you that have children and you’ve got yourself into a state of disappointment, don't worry. Just sit back and think you know, look what I have, appreciate what you have, appreciate the love you have in your life.

Have you ever heard the saying “I use to feel bad about not having any shoes until I met a guy who had no feet.” You know what think about that, we have feet and if you don't have feet you have eyes if you don't have eyes, like whatever you've got a lot of things to be appreciative about there are deaf-blind people who’ve done all kinds of wonderful things in the world. Look at Helen Keller and there are other deaf-blind people that you know, they live in a state of fear, grief, depression and they don't move forward. So again, it's you. If you don't have children think about your parents, the love that they had for you. If you didn't have that from your parents, what about friends? What about your brothers your sisters that you love your nieces and nephews. You know I go there I visit that and it put me in a positive state and then I move up and you know, I'm appreciative of the students that I have, the followers I have, the teachers that I have, the people that I followed who has helped me get to this stage in my life where I just feel so grateful and appreciative of everything that's happening for us and to us because you know what I know there's things I need to learn. If we want to grow our business the way, we want to grow it there's challenges we need to learn at this level so that we can get past them and through them so we're not having them at a larger level or if we do or when we do have them at a larger level we can handle it. We don't go back into the anger, resentment, hatred, rage. We don't go there. We don't go there. We just go you know what things are going to work out for us no matter what. It may not be in the way we want them, but they will work out to us exactly how we need them to.

As a sixteen-year-old single mom. I have had a lot of guilt. I was not a good mom at sixteen I couldn't be I had to get over that. There's no point beating myself up for that for the rest of my life. I was selfish. I was self-centered but you know what at sixteen you're allowed to be selfish and self-centered and all I can do is try to change myself now and going forward. There's no point living in the past. There's no point dwelling on that crap, get yourself out there. And you know what if you don't have somebody who loves you go love somebody. There's people out there that need you to start from where you are maybe just love your sister because she's having a hard time right now, maybe love your neighbor because they're having a hard time right now, maybe celebrate your neighbor because they're having a great time right now, how about some of that stuff? Is it not powerful to know that we can change our thoughts and change your life?

Hey, I just saw Courtney joined. You know, what Courtney was with us this weekend Courtney and his two brothers and their just pumped, you watch for great things to happen with these guys. Courtney did Facebook live the whole time when he was in Fort Lauderdale. I was going to, but I did not I was going to, but I was just so fascinated with everything that was going around me that you know what I just sat back and I absorbed what I learned and I thought when I get back I'll share what I’ve learned so that's my excuse or reason. Courtney if you have a saying that comes to your mind from something you learned this weekend. I was just showing the group that twenty-two emotions that give you a clue of whether you're manifesting or not good things in your life. Maybe tell us some of the things that you got out of this weekend. I think they're still in Florida. They got to stay longer than we did they decided we’re coming here, we're going to stay longer. They stayed up later than everyone, they got up earlier than everyone and they enjoyed themselves and we love being around them for that reason. They're so positive. They're so pumped. You watch these guys are going somewhere. It was a great great weekend. I talked for a long time here. I haven't got any questions, but if any of you have any questions for me, please shout them out. I will be happy to answer them. I do have a meeting in the city at eleven that I have to get to so I can't be on too much more longer but if you have some questions ask me if you want to know more about the mindset you know when we came back and we thought we are going to do our own mindset retreat and the first call I had this morning was with a fellow from Alberta that does mindset training. How does that work out? And I went you know what we have to do this together because this lady does that in the states and throughout Europe and she's amazing and last night when my husband and I are having a chat, you know, I said so many of the words that Fabian was saying on her stage they just come out of my mouth naturally and I said and she is just doing great things in the world, you know, she had four hundred people in her audience at that event and twenty-five percent of them signed up for her mindset and business training and that's powerful that’s very powerful because on average people, if you get ten percent of people to sign up that's great. She'd got twenty-five and you know what never once did we feel pressured into her programs. She just invited us to look at them and I actually had signed up for her program before I went. I know she has stuff to teach me and I love learning from people who are where I want to be and I'm going to share that with you guys. So, keep coming on. I'm going to keep doing these free coaching Fridays. So, give me questions. I love to be able to answer them.

Courtney says, “We have a question, how can we stay in Florida?” Let me introduce you to some people you know down there. My buddy Ray is from Florida. He will show you the best place to live in and the best place even to invest in real estate because that's actually one of the reasons why I started following right Ray even though he's got a huge following in network marketing, he used to be a real estate investor and a very successful one and at an absolute awesome marketer. Say hi, hey Ray thank you, thank you for being on it really inspires me every day with his blogs and his Facebook lives, in the end, the good that he puts out into the world. Three years ago, I didn't even have an online presence. So, the training that I did with Ray got me to this space and I'm so grateful so excited about what's going on in my life. And Courtney says one of the things that he picked up from the month at retreat this weekend was whatever you do show up and he said I realized I wasn't showing up and I think what he means by that is in the capacity that he's able because Courtney always shows up but in the capacity that he's able because we've already identified what a great leader Courtney is. And like I said, you are going to see great things from him and his brothers. His one brother it was kind of funny, he had never even sat through any mindset training before and he came to the event for the weekend and he was a little overwhelmed at time he had to go out just so he could come back and participate and the days were long, you think if you've never had any mindset training and sit in two days that start at eight-thirty and go to nine-thirty at night. He's had a mindset shift and so we're going to be watching him to just see how is life going to change over the next while so it's pretty exciting for us.

So yes, Courtney if you want a way to stay in Florida come back first and let's get to work on that next building of yours that we’re working on a hundred and thirty-three units right now that's going to totally change their wealth beyond the sandwich. And Courtney’s one of my biggest supporters. I love him. He’s been telling everyone all weekend “You’ve got to meet with the lady with the pink hair.” So, everywhere I went “So you’re the lady with the pink hair.” There was a lot of people there and one of the things that we were taught many years ago is that when you're in a crowd make yourself memorable and associate with the movers and the shakers. We love the fact that Fabian put on a dance party for us the first night we were there, and it just ran from seven till nine or seven till ten, but it was great it set up the energy for the weekend and we had a lot of fun.

This is Damon. Damon says “My Mom’s favorite words everything happens for a reason. She strongly believed in the fundamental mindset strategies and beliefs we all need to live by.” And you know what? Yeah, everything happens for a reason and if it’s good, it's great you learn from it. And if it's bad you learn from it, too. So just the faster you can get into that mindset that what can I learn from this thing? Why is it happening to me? Then the faster you can get out of it and get back into the emotion that put you on the side of manifestation. So, remember again, I could hold it up. Maybe Chandelle can find a way for me to get it out to everybody who is on here. But faith, trust, joy, love, appreciation, gratitude stay in those mindsets passion and enthusiasm, eagerness, happiness, positive expectation, belief, optimism, hopefulness, contentment stay there as much as you can, and you will do fine. Courtney says here he learned that mental men can dance. Yes. We had them up on the dance floor too. It was so much fun.

I see I am now at ten thirty-five. I'm so glad you all joined me here today. I'm just going to take a quick boo and see if I have any questions. It doesn't look like it. So, thank you all very very much for listening to me today. I hope I shared some great nuggets with you. I know I'm going to put these things on my wall that I that I've learned. Ray is also a big believer in getting yourself into that state every day. And he has a gratitude practice that he teaches all his students and the successful ones follow what he does and that's what I challenge you to do. What if you see something here that you think you can do? I know when I first started the stuff I was so negative that all I could do is read that book because I couldn't even get it to stay in my head, but I would read these passages every day from this book that I mentioned earlier called “What do you say when you talk to yourself” because you don't want it starts first with how you talk to yourself and don't talk to yourself in a bad way. It's you're awesome. You're fabulous. Every day in every way I'm getting better and better that used to be my go-to when I was having a bad day every day in every way I’m getting better and better and better. So, find yourself something that you can focus on every day that's great in your life. And if it's only one thing and it's only your kids while we know what kind of feelings that those kids bring out for us don’t we.

So, thank you very very much for joining me today, and I hope you got value. Next Friday I'll be back again. Please bring me some questions, whether it's about mindset or whether it's about real estate or just life in general. I love to share that kind of stuff. So, everyone have an absolutely fabulous weekend. I know we're going to, and I look forward to seeing you here next week. Bye for now.

Thank you so much for listening. It's my sincere intention that you got value from this episode. If you're interested in learning more about building your passive income through real estate either by investing with us as a joint venture partner or as a student discovering how you can attract investors to your deals and build your seven figure real estate portfolio by helping others build their passive income. Check out my website or watch my free masterclass