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Dec 21, 2018


I am passionate about helping new and experienced real estate investors grow their real estate portfolios and build a passive income lifestyle that gives them greater financial options and opportunities. My vision is to empower people by educating them on financial options.

Over the last nine years, I have built my own real estate portfolio to over 520 doors with a value of $60 million. I focus on long term buy and hold, apartment buildings and multi-family units. While I continue to add doors to my portfolio (I added another 85 in 2018 alone and have another 87 under contract to close shortly), my focus is on training others to do what I have done.

I am a real estate investment coach. Multiple Ways to Wealth is a training, education and membership organization for real estate investors that I have developed. It is based on my experience, knowledge and training.

I provide training, coaching and educational resources. Through my programs, I share my real-life experience and practical knowledge. I give those in my programs access to my network of successful real estate investors to learn from their knowledge and experience.

My specialty is finding the money. I know how to find, attract and keep investors happy. I help my students attract the right investors so they can add hundreds of doors to their portfolios by investing with joint venture partners.

Living the life you desire takes work. I am a firm believer that with the right mindset and the best training we can solve our biggest problems to live the life we deserve.



Hey, hey. It's Edna Keep here. Welcome to the seven figure real estate podcast. I'm your host. I hope you enjoy the episode.

Good morning Edna Keep here. Merry Christmas to everyone and Happy New Year. It's coming up very very quickly. I feel like we've spent a lot of time on eating great food visiting with some wonderful family. So, I hope you're having as much fun as we've been having. I am actually at my brother's right now in Meadow Lake Saskatchewan and he's a real estate investor too actually. He's done a few fix and flips that have been very very profitable to him. So, it's been very very nice. And we have a brand-new baby here that we get to hang out with my brother’s oldest daughter just had their first baby and we get to hang out with them today. She's so sweet. She's about six, she's six weeks old something like that and she was just tiny tiny when she was born. She's like six pounds some ounces and she's just the sweetest little thing ever so we're having a lot of fun. We get to pass her back and forth and she doesn't even seem to mind.

I'm so happy to have you on here I know it’s still holiday time. But just wanted to first of all Welcome everyone back if you have any questions please feel free to type them in. I'd like to answer them for you. Tell me what everyone got for Christmas, was Santa Claus good to you? You know if you don't believe you don't get any presents our girls are just at that age where they're wondering why we even write Santa Claus on anything.

One of the things that I wanted to talk about today because I think it's very very important is your vision about the future and how you can make it come alive for you. So, one of the things that I think is so important is to have a vision and that's one of the very first things that we go through in my ninety day to five k program because so many people don't have a vision of where they want to go, and you know what, they just work and work and work and work. And then at some point in their lives, they go “Jeez this is just not all what it's cut out to be. I didn't want to work this many hours. I don't get to see my family very much. It just seems like I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off and there's got to be more.” So, they start searching and they start looking and they start to realize that you know what they just didn't design their life properly. What we're taught in school is definitely different than what most of us need to know but we're taught how to go out and get a good job and work for the man for the rest of our lives. And what I've learned is that man is the one that you want to be. You want to be the one in charge so that you can call your own hours so that you can be doing something you love, and you know you can still have a job and do that. There are people out there who have jobs that absolutely love them can't imagine doing anything else and I think that's a wonderful position to be in. But one of the things they want you to think about over the next few days because I always find between Christmas and New Year's is a perfect time to be planning out your New Year. So, write out that vision. How do you see yourself in the next five years and the clearer you can write it the better off that you're going to be because the universe will just start sending stuff to you like you'll start recognizing stuff, you'll recognize opportunities may be opportunities that are right under your nose that you haven't recognized before and then you can start taking action on them because it isn't like if money is one of the things that you want, you don't just visualize money and it shows up what shows up is an opportunity for you to make that money. So, keep that in mind. But start writing out the end vision of where you want to be. If I could wave a magic wand and where would I want to be in five years. Write down the income that you want to be having, whether it's passive or not and don't be scared to dream. Dream big. A lot of people think that they can have a lot more in one year but one year a lot of times is your planning time and your opportunity time and the times you think like that. But we can accomplish a lot in five years. So really dream big because if you dream big it also gets you excited and it's something like if you just think “Well I just want a little bit more I just want you know five thousand more a year or just one holiday.” You know what dream big ask for more. Put more down. I want that house. I want that new car. I want a trip every year. I want you know whatever you can think of and if you want more time to spend with your family write that down and also write down what it's going to look like when you have the time to spend with the family. Are you going to take them skiing? Or get to hang out with other relatives more or are you going to read them books if they're little. Get on the floor and play with them? You decide all that and then maybe there's experiences that you want to experience with your children. Write that down. Maybe there is books that you want to read. Write that down. Maybe there's courses that you want to take so that you can become better at what you're doing. Write that down. Everything that you can think of if you want to get fit and you want to start following a healthier diet. Actually, I read a book just recently and it was so good. It was because you know everybody wants to get on a diet at this time of year because they let themselves go for Christmas and maybe even November you know October with Thanksgiving and everybody wants to start on a diet. So, my one daughter thinks that she wants to get healthier eating not a diet, but she wants to eat healthier. She actually took her Halloween candy bag gave it to her dad the other day and she said I'm getting this out of my room because I don't want to be snacking on this stuff when I’m in my room.

But I read a book and it was called. Anyway, it was about mindset about fat loss which I thought was really really good. It's the only thing that really works and that is you know you can't gorge yourself like a pig for nine months of the year and then lose that weight in three months and think that that's good for you. So it's just little shifts to make every day, have that piece of fruit maybe before you have your meal, have an extra glass of water, add a serving of vegetables it’s not taking away and it's not about making yourself uncomfortable but just add a few things and then pretty soon that you'll find that you actually crave that kind of stuff more than your junk food or whatever that you're used to eating. So, if I think of the name of that book I'll look it up after and I'll type it on here. It's really good. It's just a short little e-book and it was very very very helpful, and he says “I'll never write another book about weight loss. I'm not trying to make any money on this. I'm not trying to sell you anything. I'm not trying to get you on all these different supplements that people put you on in everything. I just want to give you stuff that's worked for me.” “Many habits” that's what it's called. And he wrote his first book based on he was unhealthy not eating right not exercising and he made his first goal one push up a day and he's got so many many habit books out right now. But this one was many habits about weight loss. So that's something that interests you get it because I think it I think it's going to be a good movement for people to follow.

So that kind of stuff you can write on or write down for your vision. Some people put up vision boards and do pictures of different things that they want to experience, things that they want to do maybe them playing with their kids, maybe just looking relaxed as opposed to looking stressed all the time, maybe looking slim and trim as opposed to chubby. Whatever your goal is write it down. And if you want to own real estate write that down. I'm going to participate every single day in some kind of learning so that I can get out there, so I can get comfortable. I'm going to make an offer this month. I'm going to write up my business summary, executive summary on a deal and just do stuff like that because we want to make sure that people start seeing successes and you don't have to put just your big goals down. Put your small goals down too. If it's read a book and you bought the book, read, check it off. It's always so good to check those goals off as you're going through them it gives you a sense of accomplishment and you can, of course, write it on your computer or your laptop or anywhere else that you keep your goals. But I really like paper, as we were driving up to MetLife which is like a six-hour drive. I'm taking the time to write those goals in my book because then I can refer back to them and not that you can't online. But it's just a comfort thing for me I'd like to write it down. I like to think about it as I'm writing and that's how I build my vision for the year. And like I said before don't just build it for one year but if you can do it in a positive sense. It's December 2022 and I am a real estate investor. I have got fifty properties. I've got fifty doors. Whatever your goal is. I'm making five thousand a month in passive income. I've been able to attract twenty investors to invest with me and repeat investors. Write it all down the clearer you can get on that vision and if you don't one hundred percent know, change that vision just because you write it down once doesn't mean that you're locked in. If you say I'm going to lose twenty-five pounds this year and you don't just put it on next year it just doesn't matter. Just keep working towards it because if you have that goal eventually you'll hit it and then you can celebrate it and it doesn't always have to happen and it won't always happen when you put it down.

One of the things I've learned is that when you want something, and you write it down it's more solid than if you just think about it. So, make sure you write it down and refer back to it and then watch for the things that are happening. Watch for those opportunities that are showing up right here and then take advantage of them show up, get your homework done, read the books, take the time to network with other people who are doing the same thing as you because a lot of people are scared in life. That doesn't make them bad people and that you shouldn't hang around with them. Eventually, you might be their number one role model, but they're scared you know they're taught “Don't take too many risks, if you take a risk you'll fail, that there's something wrong with failure,” there's nothing wrong with failure. One of the courses that I took not too long ago was called “Fail forward fast.” How fast can I fail and get this over with? People will say “Oh you're so good on doing videos you know what to talk about,” you know what three years ago I had not done a video. So, keep that in mind too. And for the first, while I was totally intimidated I would do a video when I was forced to and most times I wouldn't even post it. Sometimes I posted it and wind would be going in my hair and you'd hear wind sounds and I'd be arring and hooing and all this kind of stuff. But you know what I just did it and you know what after two full years of practice at this it absolutely gets better.

OK good. I got a question. OK. So real estate question. How do you deal with real estate agents that are not quick to communicate and get back with the details you need? That's a really good question Rob and I don't know. We have called several realtors who are listed on a board and they just don't call you back. I would say ignore those. Find your own realtor who is going to be on your side. Deal with them. Get them to make the call. A lot of people feel like if you're just making the call that you're going to waste their time. It's unfortunate but it's true. So, what I would do is have my own realtor and I'd have them make the call for you. I know it kind of goes away from some of your bargaining power but that's where you need a good realtor. Get a realtor who understands investment real estate because a lot of realtors out there just don't, they're not good at their jobs, and they probably wonder why they don't make a very good living. And I know other real estate agents that are just awesome. And if you have trouble finding one I have one that's in my mastermind group. I have two in my mastermind group that are awesome. They will do what you're asking. They will get hold of those agents. They'll call them when they get home. And remember some of those real estate agents are part-time so they only work evenings. That makes it tough for them to get back to as quick as that as quick as they can. So hopefully that answers your question.

The second question from Rob is when meeting with investors is it better to meet one on one or in a group setting? And again, that's a really good question too because you know if you're doing a seminar where you're getting information out I would do it in a group setting because there's no point repeating yourself twenty-five times. So, if you get a chance you know there's a bunch of people that you want to get in front of put on either a forty-five minute webinar, a thirty-minute webinar, something that you can invite them to and if you get a chance make it evergreen so that it repeats again and again. So, then you can send people as you get busier you'll start to do this, send people to watch the webinar and then you can talk to them after.

So, when I want to talk to them about their own individual situation I will book a one to one appointment with them. I always have an appointment with my investors because that's where they get to know you, the seminars where they get to know your presentation, maybe your story a little bit but about what you're trying to accomplish what they can expect from you. That sort of thing. And just as an example I actually did this yesterday. I had a couple of guys from Florida give me a call and they're just getting into real estate. They'd met me at a mastermind event that I used to go down there I just stopped about six months ago. But anyway, I met them there and they're thinking of getting into real estate and they wanted to know what my take on everything was. So, I asked them a few questions to see where they were. And a lot of it they hadn't really decided yet. So I said to them I did a three video series and I'd really like you to listen to it you’ll know at the end of it if what I'm saying is something that interests you or not but why don't we start by you listening to those videos that'll give you a good idea of what I'm all about and what I teach. And then we'll have another call because at this point they really didn't know what they even wanted to do. So, I thought well let me give my idea and then we'll make up another call. So, I did that last night and we'll see what happens. But you'll start finding ways to get more efficient and share your knowledge more efficiently with other people. I know my mentor Ray he said basically any question he ever got he'd do a video on it and then he would save it and I haven't got very good at this but Chandelle’s good at it. I've actually seen cases where somebody in a Facebook group has asked a question and Chandelle’s put a link to a video I did about it and she says, “Edna answered this a while ago,” and by the time I get on the Facebook it's already done and I'm thinking that's so powerful. Now that person could've went and spent the three or five minutes that was to watch that video and cover everything on the topic and then we can talk about individual stuff. So, does that that make good sense Rob.

OK. Well, you know what Rob the two agents that I’m going to recommend, and I think that they're even in the ninety day to five k program is Abel and she's a she's a very very good realtor she helps us a lot. She's creative and she's not shy. She's not shy to ask for anything. She understands vendor take backs. She used to teach people all about vendor take back. So, she's a very very good person to get to know. And also, Ashley she's younger and she's learning some stuff but she's very very good too and she's not scared, she's a very good negotiator. So, either one of those give them a call see who resonates with you or connect with them right on the group. And if you are if you want their phone numbers, text me and I'll send it to you then.

Terry says my things how do I find the investors and how to go about building the relationship that they'll be comfortable working with you? It's not an overnight process to deal with investors especially if you've never done it before. So, you have to meet people where they are. So, Terry what I would recommend to start with is let everybody in your life know that you're into real estate investing now that you're learning about it. There is no pressure on to somebody if you're telling them that you're learning about something and then share whenever you get a chance to sit down talk to people share what you're learning. That's a great way to get people comfortable with you. Share your challenges, even share a good book that you read, share video blogs like this you know just say “I'm learning from Edna Keep and she does Facebook lives and you know it's a great place to learn.” And there are a lot of people out there and this is something we don't realize enough is they want to invest in real estate, but they don't have the time or the passion for real estate that we do. They want to build a relationship with somebody who would do it for them. I knew that I got to understand that when I sold mutual funds I used to try to teach people about what I did, and they said to me “I don't even want to know all that. I just want you to look after it for me.” There's hundreds of people out there, thousands, probably millions of people that feel the same way with the real estate investments. They would love to be working with someone that they know, like and trust who will do it for them. So that's the best way. Share your wins, share the things that you've learned because think of it this way a failure is not a failure it's only a learning experience. So instead of thinking “Oh crap I didn't do good at that I screwed up on that,” think of it as “What I learn from that?” Then even share that with the people that you're talking to. If your brother could potentially be an investor just say “Man did I ever do something stupid I did this and this and then I realized after I should have done this and this” because it's what you realized after that makes all the difference, does that make sense? So that's the only way.

Rob says another question is What are your thoughts and the reasons why two bedroom suites have the highest vacancy rate in Saskatchewan right now? I think the reason is because people are looking for bargains. What's happening is a lot of roommates are moving into one bedroom suites and saving that hundred or two hundred bucks. Then the second reason is that's the overbuild situation a lot of those new properties that were built and there's been a lot and not just in the cities but in small towns too. They overbuild, and they built two bedroom units, a lot of two bedroom units because generally, they are the most popular. So, I would say that's my idea on why the two bedrooms are higher vacancy.

OK, Chandelle was there anything extra I was supposed to point out today that I haven't talked about yet? I know one of the reasons that I'm on is to promote my ninety day to five k program as many of you know I put it on sale for the month of December only so generally that program sold all year for five thousand dollars and had a lot of people go through and a lot of success stories. So, for the month of December, I want to reach a lot more people so if any of you know other people interested in getting into real estate and don't know where to start. I've got a great program to start and some people think “Oh I can't start with apartment buildings.” Wrong! If there's a video on Facebook right now with my young students' twenty-year-old guys, they are going to buy a house and instead they ended up with a twelve-unit apartment building worth one point six million dollars. So, if they can do it you can do it. It's just a mindset change which I help you with and go big. You don't have to start out small. It's actually easier to own apartment buildings than it is to own single family homes. Anyway, my program's on sale twelve ninety-five for the month of December. And once you join it you've got lifetime access. So, if it's something that you're too busy to do right now join it anyway because you've got lifetime access and all the people that are in the program are in a Facebook group and some of those people are doing deals and you might have access to be part of those deals if you're interested.

One of the things that I recommend is don't feel like you have to do it alone. You don't have to buy that apartment building on your own. We've got many people in the group we've partnered up and done apartment buildings together. So, I know when we started at this point in our lives we don't own one apartment building one hundred percent. None. We have some that are fifty percent most of them were about thirty percent. But there's some that we got five percent and it's still better to own a piece of the action than nothing. And maybe you start by putting your own money in if you're comfortable doing that or maybe you bring your first investor to the table and you get to learn all about it while you go through the process. That's a perfect way to learn. So, all that's covered in my ninety days to five k program if you're not sure it's for you and you want to set up the strategy call with me just type in here below and I'll send out something. Actually, I think Chandelle’s entering it as we're talking a spot to pick a time that suits you and I'm available all through the holidays because I really want to reach a lot of people get people going through the course. We're having great success.

I want to write a book next year and I want you guys to be featured in it as my success stories and I'm willing to work hard with you to get it done. I honestly believe you can buy your first property within ninety days if you follow the formula in order, get your homework done. You can get it done. I've seen it happen I had one of my students started with me join the mastermind in the summer and he'd already had a couple of properties. His biggest challenge was he hadn't been able to attract any investors. He had a couple deals on the go that he wanted to put under contract but didn't have any money to do so he fast forwarded he actually just listened to the recordings and if you join the mastermind group I make that available where you can listen to the recordings and then he fast-tracked it and he did seven weeks in three weeks and he got his first two investors and each house paying him eleven hundred dollars a month cash flow. So that took care of the program right. Twelve ninety-five, one month of income. So, give it some thought.

We're having a lot of people great people join us right now and some really experienced investors who've done houses and have done things on their own with their own money and now they just want to take it to the next level and start adding in other people's money which really really opens a lot of doors for you. As I was telling the fellows yesterday I was trying to I said “You know what if you're the money person you're in the power position because you can pick and choose the deals that come to you. You don't even have to. If you learn how to raise capital properly you don't even have to be the one looking for properties.” I don't you know people will say to me “Well I got an apartment will you come and look at it with me?” and I go “No I've seen more apartment buildings in my life than I ever want to look at again. My husband might go with you. You talk to him.” But to me, they all look the same. And I don't care to look at another rental house or another apartment building, but I like the numbers. So, you get your numbers together and you send them over to me and I'll have a look at them and tell you whether it's something that you're missing first of all because I use it as an education moment because most people miss a few things when they're analyzing a building. So, all that kind of stuff that's the kind of stuff that moves you forward and gets you successful.

Chandelle asked me if I do a vision board you know what I don't do a vision board. I have had them in the past and I just find that they make a mess in my room. So, I take them out. I like to read my stuff. OK here's where Chandelle says you can schedule a call it’s on there. It doesn't look like I have any other questions. Chandelle was there anything else you wanted me to cover? Did I cover enough about the course?  There's a few bonuses I know available right now. Chandelle and Jason have offered a seven hundred ninety five dollars course free if you join this one in December on how to market your business and we recommend that you do it after the ninety day program because you won't know enough to contact him ahead of time but they've got a four week course coming up where they teach you how to get out there how to get in front of potential investors and then also how to actually get your website going. Talk about some things some pointers for how to have an effective web site and different stuff like that.

Someone asked if I could help people from the USA. Absolutely I can. The art of raising capital if I can call it that is universal. And you know what it's not even just for real estate. It's for businesses as well. If you can learn how to raise capital, there are a ton of things that you can do. We've raised capital and bought businesses before we've had different businesses put in front of us where we raise the capital and then they decided they wanted to do it on their own. And you know what that's totally fine too if people can do it on their own it's better for them and I tell them that too.

I've had people want me to raise capital for their deals and I tell them you know what I'm too expensive because I want forty to fifty percent of your deal. Why didn't you just learn how to raise the capital yourself and then you then you'll be in the power position. So yes, people from the U.S. I have people in the group from the U.S. right now. I have more people looking at it. We don't advertise a lot in the U.S. That's probably why you won't see a lot of people in there. But there's people that find me. For example, the two fellows yesterday, they found me from a mastermind I was in in the US for three years. We just brought on an investor brand new investor that we just met in New York another mastermind I was involved in so yeah you can definitely help people I've got a guy from Australia that started following me. They don't have any of this stuff in Australia. He was telling me that he knew of and now he's since moved to San Francisco. So, we'll see what happens there.

Chandelle says it was to let everyone know that we'll be live every day this week at the same time again I’m going to answer as many questions as possible. We want to get people excited about joining the course you’ve only got a few days left. If you know anybody else who might be interested in real estate investing maybe looking at buying apartment buildings or even just investing in apartment buildings. I've got nothing to hide. I will bring investors on live like this as much as I'll bring my students on. I like my investors to be informed. I'd like them to know what's going on and I'm not shy about it. So, if you have anybody on or anybody that you know that'd be interested I think it'd be a blast. Just think how much fun you'd have working with other people that you know getting this kind of stuff done together. And Chandelle says tomorrow we're going to talk Wisdom Wednesday. We'll get into some nitty-gritty details with the real numbers of real estate investing. I'll be giving you some real-life example of property deals and the numbers and why we like the numbers on a deal. And I'll give you some tips on how to work with that.

Drew says, “I love your hashtag Chandelle.” I was going to say that had nothing to do with me but then I noticed Chandelle on there, so awesome. OK. Well, I think I am probably past my time that I've got no more questions coming up so. And plus, I smell bacon in the background. I think my brother and sister are cooking for me, so I want to get out there and have my breakfast. So, have a wonderful day everyone. And so glad you joined me this morning. And for those of you that joined late, you will be able to access the recordings as soon as I hang up. I look forward to talking to you tomorrow. Bye for now.

Thank you so much for listening. It's my sincere intention that you got value from this episode. If you're interested in learning more about building your passive income through real estate either by investing with us as a joint venture partner or as a student discovering how you can attract investors to your deals and build your seven figure real estate portfolio by helping others build their passive income. Check out my website or watch my free masterclass