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Dec 24, 2018

I am passionate about helping new and experienced real estate investors grow their real estate portfolios and build a passive income lifestyle that gives them greater financial options and opportunities. My vision is to empower people by educating them on financial options.

Over the last nine years, I have built my own real estate portfolio to over 520 doors with a value of $60 million. I focus on long term buy and hold, apartment buildings and multi-family units. While I continue to add doors to my portfolio (I added another 85 in 2018 alone and have another 87 under contract to close shortly), my focus is on training others to do what I have done.

I am a real estate investment coach. Multiple Ways to Wealth is a training, education and membership organization for real estate investors that I have developed. It is based on my experience, knowledge and training.

I provide training, coaching and educational resources. Through my programs, I share my real-life experience and practical knowledge. I give those in my programs access to my network of successful real estate investors to learn from their knowledge and experience.

My specialty is finding the money. I know how to find, attract and keep investors happy. I help my students attract the right investors so they can add hundreds of doors to their portfolios by investing with joint venture partners.

Living the life you desire takes work. I am a firm believer that with the right mindset and the best training we can solve our biggest problems to live the life we deserve.




Hey, hey. It's Edna Keep here. Welcome to the seven figure real estate podcast. I'm your host. I hope you enjoy the episode.

Good morning everyone is Edna Keep live on Facebook today. And the very first thing I want to do is give it a very big shout-out to my marketing team. They make my life so easy. It is just remarkable. So, thank you so much Jason and Chandelle. I just could not do all that we do by myself.

So today we're going to talk about some real deals that we've dealt with we've had lots of success. We started in 2007 with just our own property we had some equity on our own property and that's how we got started. We spent money on education out of that equity and then we then we started buying properties. We did by our first two with our own money and then from there on we've been able to buy all the rest with none of our own money. So that's our kind of sweet spot in real estate is that buying real estate with other people's money. And when I say buying real estate with other people's money I do want to remind you that you don't just get to use other people's money. You have to provide great value and the value that we provide is we get people into real estate that otherwise wouldn't be able to get into real estate. They don't have the time. They don't have the knowledge. They understand that it's a good investment a lot of times just because of what they've been able to do with their own house. If you've got equity in your own personal house, you know what it's a great place to start I call it dead equity if you're not doing anything with it and I call it little soldiers, little working people working for you if you do something with it because it's putting dollars to work that you already have and a lot of people don't always think about the assets that they already have that could be doing some work for them. And that's a Robert Kiyosaki teaching that I learned I think it's very very powerful for people to know that so keep that in mind.

So, I'm going to tell you about a couple deals that were really some of my favorite, favorite deals tomorrow because we're talking about getting started. I'm going to talk to talk to you about some of our first deals, but first of all what I want to talk to you about today is our third deal because that was the first deal that we did with none of our own money and we still own that property today in Regina Saskatchewan and we love that little property it has been a cash cow for us. So we bought in well it’s eight years ago now so 2008 and took us a while to buy it because it was our third property friend of ours have been driving around the neighborhood where my daughter used to live and he said to us “Hey, there's a brand new house just got built in that area” and it was just outside of Washington Park which sometimes can be considered the hood in our area, but we're just outside of it and plus my daughter had lived on that street just a little further down. So, we felt comfortable with that area. So, we went and looked at it and it wasn't a brand-new house what it was, was the house was built in the fifties and that house the lady had totally re-did it. So, she put on brand-new siding, all brand-new windows, it had a one-bedroom basement suite downstairs and it had a two-bedroom suite upstairs. And once you walk into it, you got totally passed the brand look because inside it was definitely fifties. It had the old cupboards and you know, it’s quite tiny, it’s not that big I think it's maybe correct me if I'm wrong but maybe hundred square feet and then, of course, the basement suite downstairs a bit smaller because they're shared laundry and the furnace is down there. So maybe five hundred square feet. But you know that property we paid one hundred and sixty thousand for it and the story with that is I know some of you have watched my webinar, so I have that story in there, but some of you haven't so I'm going to talk about it.

We originally offered the lady a hundred forty thousand because that was a little bit of a lowball offer, but she wasn't done the property yet and we're just kind of testing the waters to see what was available and she said “No that's too low. I really want to get a hundred sixty thousand for it you know what I'm not done the property yet and I think I can get one hundred and sixty thousand.” And I think the market was pretty hot at that time, but we went home, and we talked about it again. So we went back with an offer of one hundred and fifty thousand so one hundred and fifty really really typical of what we should have been able to get it for and she said again she said, “You know what that's a really fair offer and I definitely will consider it, but she said I'm not done so I'm going to finish it” and she had a for sale sign for sale by owner sign out and she said “I just think I might be able to get a hundred and sixty. But if I don't I'll definitely come back to you with this offer.” Well, we didn’t like that we wanted the property and Warren did most of the negotiating just, so you know, and so he comes home, and he says, “You know what I think I want to ask for vendor take back” and we hadn't done this before so it was nerve-racking, but we weren't sure what to do. We talked to our coach and they said “Yeah absolutely do it,” and so we went back and we said “We're really interested in your property and as you know we’re real estate investors, we want to build a big portfolio and so one of the keys we’re building at is that we're going to need to use other people's money to do so and so we're wondering if you would do a vendor take-back on your property?” and she said “Well, I don't I don't even know what that is.” So, we said, “Well what it is the seller financing and we can get the mortgage.” We actually have the money we did have the money to put as the down payment, but we knew if we put that down payment down we'd be limited, and we knew we had to start sometime, right? So, we said to her what we’d be looking for and we asked her “What do you do with the money when you sell?” She said “Well, I'll probably just put it in the bank. She says my mother's not doing real well and I want to downsize” and she had a couple rental properties and she says “I'll probably move out of the city and I just need to be able to take care of her” and so we said, “Well if you put in the bank, you probably aren't like what one two percent.” She said “Yeah, if I'm lucky” and we said “Well, you know what we'd be prepared to offer you six percent and we’d get full financing from the bank which was one hundred and twenty-eight thousand. So, what we’d need for you is just the thirty-two thousand. And she said “Six percent? Wow for once I'm going to win twice in my life.” She says, “Hundred and sixty thousand for my house, which is exactly what I want and six percent on my money.” So, we wrote it all up just in the way of a promissory note and for the first three years, I think we paid her interest only payments which was about a hundred and sixty a month and then after she needed a little bit more money, so we paid her a couple lump sums. And then she was paid out well within the five years and we didn't even refinance that property. It was such a cash cow, you know, but like I said the payment on there was three eighty-four something. The insurance was fifty, I think and then the taxes for another fifty and so that was like less than five hundred dollars and we easily rented the upstairs out twelve hundred and the downstairs another seven hundred. So, when our payments on that property were five hundred that gave us cash flow of twelve hundred dollars. So, you know, we have had the odd vacancy in there. We have had you know where we've had to fix a few things after tenant’s move out because it is not the perfect area and you just have to do that with your renters.

But you know what if you think about it on that property for eight years say on average we cash flow one thousand dollars a month. I figured it out the other day that’s ninety-six thousand dollars in eight years that’s ninety-six thousand dollars. Do you think we care that we overpaid for that property? And we know we did. We had it appraised I think five years later, and it was only worth three thousand dollars more than we paid for it. But like I said did we care? Absolutely not. We made the seller very, very happy. We were very, very, happy and we have a lot of really good tenants in there over the years, that were very, very happy. So was win-win all the way around so love that property still owned it today. I think the upstairs is actually vacant right now in there. But again, like I said, we just know that it's going to be a good property long-term and so are very happy with it.

So that was one that we are very excited about and it's such a doable thing for most people, you know, most people, you know, they worry about an apartment they worry about a duplex, they worry about all that and that was just that well that was a duplex that was when we really decided to focus on duplex was actually and we went and bought a bunch more after that because we really like to have two doors under one roof earning us the money. Because we always felt that if as long as one door was filled the bills were taken care of usually the upstairs because the upstairs is a little bit easier to rent. Then the downstairs is just gravy, you know, so it was just a bonus all the way around.

When you're thinking of houses always at least think of a duplex and then, of course, fourplexes, and like we are concentrating on apartment buildings today and then I want to tell you about another building that we bought and this one I believe it was in 2013 Janelle you probably be able to tell me that. The name of the properties Albert Manor it’s in Saskatoon, and we bought it I think around ninety thousand dollars a door. Now if you think about that in Regina and Saskatoon right now you can't buy anything for less than a hundred a door or probably closer to one hundred and five, one hundred and fifteen, one hundred and twenty. There's one that some of my students just bought for a hundred and twenty-seven. It’s brand new but those are kind of the price ranges. Anyway, we bought it at ninety a door it was all two-bedrooms twenty-four unit. Janelle says yes. In 2013 we bought that property. So, what we had to do with that property. It was really close to the universities. That was a great location. We had tenants in there that that were in there since it was built which I believe was in the sixties, sixty-eight, sixty-nine something like that. So, what our plan was when we bought it is was we knew that we could increase the value of it because it was under rented and it needed some updating. So, we went in and what we did is we gave some rent increases right away and that cleaned out a few people that were living in there and then what we started was renovating the unit. So, we renovated them they were they were really nice after we were done. So anyway, and this is the real key here in eighteen months we were able to refinance that property and give the investors all their money back. Do you think that they were happy? And then the key to this is they still the investor still owned forty percent of that property.

So even though in Saskatoon right now it’s in a bit of a down market we've had some vacancy when the market turns around that place is going to be absolutely sweet for everybody. Everybody's got their money back so there's no risk left, and we were able to refinance at a high in the market. We refinanced at one hundred and fifty thousand dollars a door. Now just think of that sixty thousand a door times twenty-four units that was sweet and I don't even think we pulled out all the money. We just pulled out enough to pay off the investors. So really, really good deal. So, that’s another one that’s really sweet for us and love it, love it to pieces.

Another one and this is the third and final one I'm going to talk about today and this is what we call our big deal. So, in 2012, we took possession of this property it was one hundred and forty-four units and it was in La Ronge Saskatchewan. We still own it again. We bought it from a charity. So, it did take us a while we had lots of negotiation because it needed to be renovated and updated. It hadn’t been looked after very well. So, it took us actually ten months to buy that property and we raised one point two million dollars for it and we worked really hard. We paid the parking lot. We renovated a lot of units. We increased the rent and not a huge amount. I think roughly on average about one hundred a month over a two and a half year period. But anyway, we put a new roof and like I said renovated. We have live-in caretakers there because it's such a big, big place. And anyway, two and a half years later, so we bought it November 2012 took possession. July 2015, we refinanced it and we had CMHC mortgage on there. So, we actually first had a ten-year mortgage on there at four percent and we refinanced it we bought it for six and a half million. We refinanced it at ten point eight million two and half a year later again. All our investors paid back, and you know what every one of those investors because we knew the money was coming out. So, we were frantically looking for a couple good deals that we could present to them which is what you want to do. You want to have something for your investors where you know the money's coming out because if you leave it in their hands for too long, they might find other uses for it. So, we wanted to actually find something else and we did we found two apartment buildings in Saskatoon and one in Regina and every investor in that group reinvested with us, except one and his reason was he felt like he was getting too old to carry on another five years. And he wanted to just leave his money in the one that he had but he didn't want to go on to the two new ones. So, it worked out really really well.

Those are our three biggest success stories that La Ronge one when it's all set and done and right now we're actually still in the process when we refinanced it the lender gave us a bunch of stipulations of more things that we needed to do to the building. So, we just finished doing all that stuff. So, the cash flows should start flowing here pretty soon and we should be getting around ten thousand dollars a month. So that's what I say by that was our big deal that made just the biggest difference for us because even though we haven't received that yet. Its money in the bank and it's there are net worth has increased I think on that building alone like a million dollars. It is absolutely huge and keep in mind we started in 07 we bought that in 2012. So that was five years later. We refinanced it in 2015. And we're going to start cash flowing it now very soon. Like I said, it's going make all the difference in the world.

So those are our three biggest success stories. And so, my question to you is do you have any that you'd like me to help you analyse? Do you have any that you’re working on that you need some help with? Type it in the in the chat box and let me know and I'll see if I can help you with that. I don't know how long time you need to type in. But I love being able to help people get financially free. It's so exciting coming from my background being a single mom and not earning very much money and not having a lot of choices. It's exciting for me to be financially free and to be able to share that you know with my loved ones and just everybody. I just want to share it. It's so exciting. It's so fun and it's just a really nice spot to be in our lives.

Okay. Rob says, “Can you explain the process of refinancing a property? Does this simply allow you to pull cash out of the deal for yourself and investors based on their appreciation that's incurred in the building? You know what you got it exactly right Rob, so we had built the value of that building up like four million dollars and a lot of it was market, a lot of it was the work that we did in it and the biggest thing was the force appreciation which was the rent increases. So yeah, we were able to refinance and pull the money out. Now the investor's it was all principal, so it comes back tax-free, now for us, we actually got a big payday when that happened to and because it's a loan there’s no tax implications on it. It's just part of the property’s paying off that loan. I don't have to pay it off personally. The property’s paying off that loan, so that is so cool. So, we had a big cash injection that year. It's really sweet.

So, okay next question, “Your thoughts on investing in secondary markets example smaller cities?” Because you know that’s a really good question to Rob. You know what that was one of our challenges running that deal. A lot of people were scared because of the small town it’s a population of less than three thousand and generally, we stay away from that. But I'm from Northern Saskatchewan Meadow Lake, as a matter fact, I'm in Meadow Lake right now. I'm at my nephew's house in Meadow Lake. There's a lot of family around this weekend. So, we stayed at my brother's last night to spend some time with the brand-new baby Aubrey. And today we're over at Rick's place. So, I know I’ve got some family on here, so I can mention those names they’ll know who I'm talking about. Emma and Kelsey’s room so she's got a really cute mural on her wall. It's so nice. Anyway, so we knew because my partners from Saskatoon we knew and plus being from Northern Saskatchewan. We knew that La Ronge was the gateway to the north and there's very few houses built up there because of that and so we knew it would be a really good place. Plus, there was a waiting list for the units up there and the college also, I rent some units as well. So, we knew we'd have more repairs and maintenance than then normal and all that kind of stuff. But it was a little bit scary for investor’s and some understood the market there was no doubt about that some we just explained, and they made them understand others just wouldn't because it was a small town and, but you know what, we feel that it took us a little longer to raise money. It was one point two, so it was a lot of money for us and they're all pretty happy investors up there.

So, when you're looking at a secondary market like a smaller city like that what you need to look at is what's making the towns thrive? You need to be careful because if you're in a small town where the industry's dying, there's a good chance you're going to have very high vacancy and you know, unless all your people are all social assistance because you know, again they get the rent paid for by the government. So, think about that too, but if it's an industry that’s dying you really really want to avoid that because chances are you're not going to get a huge increase in value. Chances are you’ll have higher than normal vacancy.

One of my students just recently, two twenty-year-old guys one from White City when for Pilot Butte been good friends for years, don't even own their own house yet. They just bought a twelve-unit apartment building near Moosomin. Now generally we wouldn't recommend a market like that. But Moosomin is forty kilometers away from the biggest potash mine going in Saskatchewan. They’ve just done like a billion dollar expansion on it and that potash mine is going to employ a lot of people maybe not as many as we used to because they're going to be very high at technology run. But it's like sawmills nowadays, you don't see anybody out there physically doing the work everything's run with computers, but they still need the people to man the computers. And so there will be good population there for years and years and it’s an oil and gas town too so the oil and gas kind of fluctuates a little bit more than usual but they're very happy with the purchase. It’s almost brand-new building. It was built in 2015 and they’ve got very good rents that are like twelve to sixteen hundred dollars a month and they put an ad on Kijiji for rent. They've got seven people on they're waiting list to move in. Now the last people that owned it they weren't good at managing the building, they never wanted to manage the building, they wanted to build it and sell it and then just the way the market happened they couldn't. But they some units in there renting for eight hundred a month, well that's going to change their going to get twelve to sixteen hundred if it's furnished at one thousand six hundred dollars too and it cost thirty-eight hundred to furnish that unit.

Rob says, “I just recalculated the numbers on an apartment and it showed a twenty-three point three cash on cash return twenty-five year amortization at three percent. Is this exceptional?” That is a little high and I would double check the numbers because a lot of times on the pro forma they don't give you actual numbers. They give you what you should be able to make on it. And my question back to them is “Well if I should be able to make it on their why can't you make it on there?” So be careful with the numbers run them by me because I know the numbers we actually own a house with one of our partners. So, I’m pretty pretty sure and it could be that high. We just need to know like maybe it's the extra income because it has got washer and dryers in the unit that makes a big difference for everybody maybe it's extra because the building doesn't have any utilities to pay because they're all paid for by the tenants and the newer buildings they’re like that. So, it could very well be. I would say it's exceptional I wouldn't say it's typical and let's just look at that a little closer and send it over to me and I'll have to look for you. And yeah, and I'll be able to tell you if you calculated it correctly because sometimes people they miss things like as cash on cash is calculated after net operating income. Just say, for example, if your gross income twenty-five thousand and your expenses are ten thousand including the mortgage then your amount that you use is fifteen thousand, so it would be fifteen thousand divide the money in the deal to get your cash on cash and sometimes people miss mortgage out so keep that in mind.

OK. Great. So, any more questions you guys? I love these questions. It’s great. I don't even know what time it is. Ten twenty-six. Well, I usually plan for about half an hour, so I hope you liked my numbers today that I shared with you. We have a lot of good stories like that. So, if you want to learn more follow us and I do want to take a few moments to tell you a bit about my course as most of you know my ninety day to five k course is on sale for the month of December and last year it sold for five thousand dollars. And this year I have it on sale for twelve ninety-five reason being is I want to help a lot of people buy real estate this year because I really think we're in a sweet spot the next eighteen months for people to be able to buy. I want to see some success stories to share but a lot of success stories now with what we've been able to do. I want to double or triple that in the next eighteen months. So, we really want to help a lot of people.

Now with that course on top of that you're getting about fifteen thousand dollars’ worth of bonuses because well first of all the courses we were selling it for five thousand dollars, it’s probably worth more if you think about what you can do with it and we are doing a three-day event in March which is all about real estate and the theme this year is mindset. So, it's mindset around real estate and how do we get past those fears. How do we get past those limiting beliefs and that sort of thing? We’re really going to focus on that help people because I think ninety percent of success is a person's mindset and so our whole theme all weekend. It’s not a weekend it’s a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday is around mindset and making your mindset the biggest it's ever been. That's our goal. So that three-day event last year we sold it for two ninety-seven, so we give you all a free ticket for that if you buy this before the end of December. Also, on top of that I am starting a whole mindset course this year it’s going to be a twelve-week program and it's being thrown in as well. I will eventually sell that course probably for about two thousand bucks. This year because it's brand new and you're going to be my beta test group. I'm throwing it in for free. That probably won't happen again in the next year. So, that's another bonus on top of that. My marketing team like I said, they're amazing. I love them to pieces. I could not do this without them. They take so much of the pressure off of getting everything done every day. I just get to show up and share my knowledge. They’re giving away a four-week course, it's worth like seven ninety-five and they're going to teach you after you're done the ninety day to five k program. They're going to teach you how to market so that you start getting properties coming to you and investors coming to you so that is huge. A huge, huge, huge bonus in there. I think that’s it for bonuses. But like I said fifteen thousand dollar value. I'm feeling very generous being Christmas and plus I really want to reach a lot of people. So, if you know somebody who might be interested in investing in real estate and they don't know where to start they think because they don't have any money or credit that they can't do anything send them my info, get them on one of the Facebook lives, get them to connect with me on Facebook. I connect with everybody on Facebook just, so you know until they text me and say “Hello beautiful. I just want to get to know you better,” and then I block them immediately because I don't know how many people I'm connecting with on Facebook. So, like I said, I connect and accept everyone as a friend until they say something stupid like that because then I know what they're looking for right. They show their true colors quickly. Don't even respond. Not even once just block. If you're interested in the program don't put “Hello, beautiful.” Anyway, send it to your friends, we’d love to be able to help them the more the merrier, you know.

I really believe in sharing the wealth, sharing the knowledge, and helping each other out. Our biggest success stories are in our mastermind group and it's because we're all working together to build this for each other. We were just down in New York and an investor was interested in investing with us. I sent them the package of my young guys and they said: “Yeah that were interested in that he's so let's have a phone call.” So, they had a phone call yesterday and said “I invest in stuff like this all the time its mostly been commercial, but I'd love to invest in residential. I love the idea of being in Western Canada and I love the idea of my U.S. Dollar exchange.” So, I set him up with my with my new students. So sometimes that happens. We’ve got many properties we don't even feel like we need anymore. We do get involved in deals sometimes the students need us involved for networth and experience and stuff like that if it's a really big deal and we're happy to do that and get a piece of the pie and we love helping people get successful.

And Terry says, “So is this still available in three payments?” It absolutely is. If you want to sign up go to and you can either do the full pay option which is twelve ninety-five or three payments of four ninety-five or four ninety-seven something like that. Welcome. I'm very excited to have you all aboard if you’ve ever thought about getting into real estate sign up for the course because it's awesome. It's amazing. I actually got a testimony from one of my students this morning. We’re in module four because we started this class December 6th, and he said to me, “You know, when I first started Edna, I was very nervous about it at all. All the things that could go wrong” and he said, “After four weeks in the course, I absolutely one hundred percent believe I made the right decision.” So, he said “I can't believe all the bonuses that you're thrown in that I didn't even know that I was going to get when I signed up.” So, he said “I really appreciate that.” And so that's a shout out for you Tyler, really appreciate that testimonial this morning. I already sent it over to my marketing team, so you might see some of your words posted somewhere and I hope that's okay. Chandelle always gets written permission from you first. So, but just so you know I said, “Can we use this?” and they said, “Yeah I think we can.” So, I really appreciate that I’ve got a lot of really great students. The other thing is you have a Facebook group that everybody's trying to do the same thing. So, when you're involved with a group, who are all trying to accomplish the same thing that's your support system because you don't always get it from other people. Other people in your lives that love you will think that “You can't do that, you're dreaming way too big”. You're going to get hurt. They don’t know mean to hold you back they just can’t see the success for themselves, so they want to protect you. And you know, Gosh, we've spent, we've spent twelve hundred dollars well, to give you an example, we spent more than twelve hundred dollars on our Christmas party this year that we invited the mastermind students too. We spent more than twelve hundred dollars at the Christmas party this year when we invited our friends and neighbors over. So, it's very easy to spend twelve hundred dollars so spend it on yourself, give it to yourself as a Christmas present or a Christmas coming up. Ask somebody for it. If you join in the month of December, well actually anybody who's ever joined has lifetime access to this course meaning as I update it, you can re-join. I know sometimes people are saying, “Oh, I'm too busy to do anything in January.” Join anyway you, you can start, you can do three sessions in January, wait till the next time it comes out. Probably will be an April, but every time you wait, you're missing out on the window of opportunity because like I said, I honestly believe that now is a great time to be investing. We're getting some bargains like nobody's business because people have got themselves in trouble because of the market slow down. So that's when you buy is when the market's on a down. We're on a down right now. Even though we're not seeing huge bargains in apartment buildings, we're seeing some movement also the better time to get vendor financing because lenders are being tougher and tougher. So, it's a good thing to say to the vendor as well, “It's tougher and tougher to get financing. Do you think you want to give us some vendor finance money till we can get it financed fully out?” So different things like that. Great time to get in. We've had a lot of success stories and like I said, one of our students, he’s in the mastermind. He joined this summer he’s a teacher, so he wanted to go through it, fast track it. So, I gave him the recordings. I only gave them one at a time. He had to have his homework back to me, but he finished, I think it was six or seven weeks in three weeks. And then he got his first two investors. I don't even think he's come back to finish the rest because he asks me questions all the time. He says, “I know it's probably in the course, but I don't have time to take the course.” You got two houses, duplexes, I believe eleven hundred a month each cash flow. So that's his first deal with me and right now he's working on a nine million dollar deal isn’t that exciting. That will pay for his salary and he and his family they'll be looked after. He won't even need any more properties after that. Although he's very ambitious guy and I know he's going to go for more but, and he said, “You know what, the learning curve has been absolutely phenomenal.” He says, “I get nervous, I phone Edna, she helps me through it,” and he's got a phone call with a big investor coming up this week and I just said, “Hey, three-way me in and I want to talk to you.” He says, “Oh, would you do that?” I said, “Absolutely. I like meeting these people too, and I might think of some questions you don't.” He says, “Oh, that totally takes the pressure off if you do that,” and I said, “Done.”

So, again, thank you very much for being on. I think I'm past my time here. If you have any questions shoot them out, I'll be back on this later to answer any of them. And I look forward to working with all of you. I know that this course is powerful. I've had lots of really good feedback from it, and it could change your life.

Thank you so much for listening. It's my sincere intention that you got value from this episode. If you're interested in learning more about building your passive income through real estate either by investing with us as a joint venture partner or as a student discovering how you can attract investors to your deals and build your seven figure real estate portfolio by helping others build their passive income. Check out my website or watch my free masterclass