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Jul 9, 2019

Why Does Everyone Win When You Demand More? As you all know we are in rental Real Estate business. We demand more from our investors, we demand more from our property managers and even we demand more from our tenants. We are not scared to ask for Everything.

We want good long term tenants who are going to stay long term. So we ask them when they apply to rent, what their plans are. We look at their references, we look at their rental history to see how long they have been at other places. By looking at their history it will give you an idea about how long they are going to stay with us. Although, sometimes they might have stayed short period of time at one place for some reason, find out. Have a conversation with them and find out what cause them to vacate their last place. Sometimes there may be some valid reasons behind moving out. So with proper paperwork and conversation with tenants makes them feel that they are at safe place. On the other end, we get to have good tenants and in the long run we will have better properties and will have our investors happy.

With that being said, don't be scared to demand better investors. If you ask for $10,000 for your deal; first of all you're going to have a lot more investors to deal with. Also, people with $10,000, to give you their last $10,000 will be hard to please. If you deal with such investors they will be looking at you like you are lunch and they want back as quick as possible. Instead, when you are putting a minimum investment amount of say $100,000, there's a reason behind that. Since people with more money are easy to handle. I am not saying that they have spare money to lose and I would never ever use that expression. Nobody has money to lose. When they are going to get an agreement with you, they are looking at really good long term return on your investment. Hence, some people with lesser investment amount may keep asking for reports, extras and conversations and so much more that you're eventually going to regret it. So demand more from Investors.

Remember, this quote also applies for your personal development as well. You expect more for yourself, you get more. Rather than arguing for your limitations, argue for your greatness.

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