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Aug 19, 2019

We tend to do that which is easiest, often to the neglect of that which is best. The brain's natural impulse is to take the easy route almost all the time until you think and act otherwise. This isn't unique to just humans. In fact, most things take the path of least resistance: water, electricity, light and even Google maps.

If we are resisting for something, it's telling the universe we don't want it or we are not ready for it. That could be anything such as the next piece of Real Estate that you are buying. So if you're not getting where you want to be when it comes to your goals, think about what you're resisting.

Are you resisting about the work that is involved or are you resisting about the investors if you want to buy the multi-family? Find out about what are you resisting first and then start taking the path of least resistance. This is where your inspired actions are coming.

Let's say that if you're resisting to make the call to the investors then ask yourself why. Is that because you're nervous that you feel like do I have enough knowledge of investing in Real Estate?


What will I say to them?

All these things are learn-able.

So where does the path of least resistance come in? Well, what can you do? May be making an outward call to investors is not best thing for you but an investor coming to you could be your path of least resistance.

Think about that an investor calls you and ask you about the property that you are interested in buying. Isn't that easier for you instead of calling an investor about your interest in a property that you want to buy?

One of the thing that I encourage to my students is to share your knowledge and things you've learned by posting a video. And if you're nervous about how to post the video, then may be join the Facebook group and share your knowledge and post what you've learned. This would be much less easier than creating and posting a video.

I suggest that you should break down your goal in different parts and then start focusing on the first part and once you've have achieved that move on to next one and this will help you move up closer to your ultimate goal.

To listen to my Facebook live video on the path of least resistance, Click here.

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