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Aug 22, 2019

I got a chance to interview Jared Kneitel, my former student of 90 Days to $5K and we have shared some of the very important information on how to maximize the return on your retirement saving funds.

Jared was taught from a young age to go to school, get good grades, get into a great college, and get a good job. And then save, save, save and invest as much as you can into 401k's and IRAs.

Aw, good ol' dad. He never did teach Jared on how to invest. Other than picking a mutual fund with a target retirement date. He forget to tell Jared about that part where handing your money over to mutual funds is basically abdicating control and responsibility for your money.

Fast forward many years. After having spoken with nearly a dozen accountants and loads of investment "professionals", and months of conducting his own research, Jared discovered that it is possible - and entirely legal - to invest in real estate using funds in retirement accounts.

Now, you'll have to understand that Jared is a lawyer. And a really good one too. He loves to research topics and does not stop until he has satisfied himself that he has found a rock-solid answer. He's written articles that have been published in highly-revered law journals and has been the office go-to guy on all things research and strategy-related.

Jared is originally an engineer (double-major in electrical engineering and materials science engineering) from the University of Pennsylvania. Then he put himself through law-school at night at Fordham University School of Law while working as a patent agent by day at the world's number one intellectual property law firm. After a stint as a fully-fledged patent attorney, he then moved to West Africa.

There, he worked as an international criminal defense attorney to the most senior ranking military commander on trial accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity. Yeah, serious stuff requiring serious legal know-how and research skills.

Then he moved back States-side where he was an adjunct professor of law and a public defender. He was then called up after being hand-selected to represent the detainees down at Guantanamo Bay.

After all that, he worked at a solar power startup until they got acquired for a nice exit, and then an advertising-technology startup. During this time, Jared and his wife have been actively investing in real estate, from both their personal accounts and their retirement accounts.

Now, Jared is running Wealthy 401k to share with you all that he's learned. He loves to geek out on all things tax-, retirement account-, and real estate-related. He's been involved in over $5M in real estate deals.

Jared only teaches what he has done from personal experience. So, you'll know that the path has already been blazed and that you can do it too.

Now Jared coaches students on how to invest your 401k money for Real Estate Investment. To find out more about this program watch the interview here.

Also, if you need my help on how to legally invest your RRSP funds to Real Estate investment or want to scale your Real Estate portfolio, join my program 90 Days to $5K.