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Aug 26, 2019

In the spring, for the first time I offered Laser Coaching to individuals who want to get an expert opinion and help to focus and align their Real Estate business with a focused direction.

And trust me, I am able to guide them with what I have learned throughout my career. Whether it's a mindset challenge or you want to get a helping hand in this business.

So what is Laser Coaching?

It is 15 minute laser coaching calls unlimited for a year.

The promise there is to hold you accountable for your goals, and give you some teaching moments.

The sessions are for 15 mins in length and you go home with a home work assignment.

You will be responsible to complete the assignment before the next call is scheduled and that's the accountability portion.

Some people got a good start on doing the videos regularly;

Some are doing some online and live presentation for their deals and finding investors;

Some of my students who already graduated from my program 90 Days to $5K, are finding that they got an extra helping hand whether to prepare and present the deals to investors, doing an analysis on the deal and some of them have started providing online courses so I give them advice on how to set up the courses online since I have been doing this for over 4 years now.

So this laser coaching is focused on you and will help you do what I have done and learned in this business.

It will be 15 minute call with me focusing on what you are working on right now and how can I help.

The first call will be 30 mins and during this call I will get to know you and make sure we both feel good about me helping you get the results you want. If during this call either of us feel this isn't a fit, your money will be returned and the coaching arrangement terminated (so there is no risk).

So if you want to get my help whether to analyze the deal, prepare the presentation for an investor, or doing online videos then this Laser Coaching is for you.

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