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Oct 23, 2019

It is not uncommon that many of my students come up with the challenge on how to overcome the negativity from their friends and families.

Most of them think that they can't do more than they already have. They feel like they should be content with their job since they already got a pretty good life.

One of my students just asked me that how can I get encouragement as opposed to getting beat up every day?

I replied to him that we have to consciously make that effort. It's just so easy to keep hanging around the same people with the same lack mindset as we're used to.

For example as I was attending a conference in Montreal last Fall, I was introduced to a money making opportunity with Airbnb short term furnished rentals that I was not very familiar with. Sure I had booked places to stay through Airbnb but I wasn't paying attention to the business opportunity. I signed up for a course (a couple in fact) and we learned a lot and now have 11 properties set up through Airbnb.

By attending the course and joining the Facebook group, I educated myself through questions posted by other members and their success stories or if they are facing any challenges as well as the fellow putting on the training.

Instead of random relationships, what if we could create groups that helped everyone involved achieve their goals together, like we did.

Getting connected with a good group can accelerate your learning, provide key insights, help you find important resources, and teach you best practices.

Whether it's business or family life, life can be tough. A good peer group can give you the validation and support you need to keep going and rise above the tempests.

We need people who can speak into our lives and help us when we're veering off track. The right peers are essential for this. And we can put that to work for us if we are intentional about it.

So I challenge you! Whether it's a networking opportunity or a social gathering, go out and ask and make a group that really matters.