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Jan 2, 2020

Patrick Francey is the CEO of the Real Estate Investment Network, Canada's leading Real Estate thought and education leader and is a Canadian-based real estate investor, educator and business owner.

Patrick has been investing in the BC and Alberta real estate markets since 2001. He and his partners now own and manage an extensive portfolio of real estate including single and multi-family, and commercial.

In this interview, Patrick explain why joining as a REIN member is an important step to your progress in Real Estate investments.

We have been REIN members since 2007 and I am a strong believer that you should be a member of REIN as well.

One of the main reason Patrick describes for any one who might want to join REIN is that REIN doesn't sell Real Estate. But you will get to know the economic fundamentals the where and when to invest in Real Estate. Further, you will have a chance to meet like minded people where everyone is there to share their knowledge and experience or expertise.

So if you're not a REIN member yet, I strongly urge you to become one.

And, to listen to the interview with Patrick Francey, Click here.

Be sure to tune into Patrick's show as well- Everyday Millionaire.

To find out more about Patrick Francey, Click here.

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