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Jan 8, 2020

David is one of my coaches right now and I have been working with him for about last 14 weeks. I got introduced to David while we were having conversation with a group of people setting up a charity event in Regina. We finally decided to held the charity event on my 3 day event which is coming up in March and one of the lady introduced to me to David Conway during my call.

David Conway is an Elite level Mindset Mentor and he has also given mindset training to my staff when we were going through some challenges that time. After then I hired him as my coach and have been working with him since.

David got introduced to Bob Proctor while he was eighteen. As you may have heard of Bob Proctor, he's one of the best speaker, coach, mentor, author and consultant out there. Since then David's life has changed and he learnt a lot about mindset and law of attraction.

After years of studying success principals and building a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio David came to a crossroad in his career. He wanted more but didn't know what just yet. He attended Bob Proctor's Paradigm Shift event in Los Angeles and experienced what could only be described as an emotional impact. Days following the event David became a Proctor Gallagher Consultant, dedicating his life to sharing the work and programs of Bob Proctor. Within 12 months he was within the top 2 consultants in the world, serving over 100 clients.

David's clients experience quantum leaps in life and business on a regular basis. They're living the lives they've always wanted and are helping people along the way. And I am one his client already experiencing change in my limiting mindset and more still to come.

If you're looking for more out of your life, career, relationships or anything, reach out to David Conway by visiting or visit his Facebook group "David Conway live".

David is also having a "Goal Achievers Workshop" in Saskatoon on 18th January, 10:00 am at Alt Hotel. You will be able to learn the Purpose, Vision and Goal of your life and how to manifest them.

The cost to this workshop is just $49 USD. Reach out to him for more information.

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P.S. David is also going to be our Guest Speaker on my 3 Day event coming up in March. Tickets on Sale Soon.