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Jan 10, 2020

One of the questions I get asked again and again is "Edna, what's the best way to get an Investor?" I tell them each time that the best way to get your investor is by "Educating Them". As you're learning the ways to invest in Real Estate, start posting or sharing with others on social media and that's what my 90 Days to $5K students have been doing. They share their learning on Facebook groups and on LinkedIn, twitter etc.

As I was having a conversation with one of my students a couple days ago, she was telling me that she posted education posts on Facebook and one day on the street she was greeted by a fellow who saw her post on Facebook and congratulated her on what she was doing. He asked her, well how can I invest in Real Estate with out my own money? She replied that she used her equity out of her own home and used it to purchase and recycled the same money over and over again. That guy was well educated and did well with his life but was not open to use his own line of credit and stuff to buy real estate property. Again after she gave him a few examples of how she'd done it and he was quite impressed and willing to look at it again.

Such things when it explained to you in a way looks pretty simple but not everyone knows how to it works. That is how I also started taking an interest in Real Estate. Back then I was selling mutual funds and one day I was having a conversation with a client of mine and he brought up to me a topic of investing in real estate I replied, why do you want to invest in an asset class which gives you 3% returns? (back then). But after meeting few people and learning through experts I realized that it's not only 3% return, you need to count the mortgage pay down on equity and cash flow which will give you a lot more return with less risks than traditional investments like stocks and mutual funds.

So if you educate your investors in a way that best suits them, you will definitely get an investor for your deal. You can do this multiple ways- such as writing up Newsletters through emails and/or post in magazines, holding seminars and webinars and most importantly post on Facebook and LinkedIn where your friends, friends' friends and potential business associates will see your posts and get to know you more on what you're doing.

I have designed a course in a way that you'll be able to learn how to invest in a Real Estate with or without your own money and to find out more join my program 90 Days to $5K or schedule a strategy call with me.

I am hosting a "Paradigm Shift" live stream seminar presented by Bob Proctor (from LA) in Regina on January 24th to January 26th.

At the Paradigm Shift Seminar you'll discover how you can transform your finances, health and lifestyle when you change your mental programming—your paradigm.

On breaks you will be around like minded people searching for that Paradigm shift in their lives, discussing the teachings and doing the exercises in the workbook together. A group of us get together at the hotel or at my house depending on how many people join and immerse ourselves in the three day event.

This event is live streamed globally so for those who can't make it to Regina if you're are not in near proximity, then you can purchase the live stream, get together at your place and host it with other like minded people in your area.

It will be a great networking and growth opportunity for all of you.

If you're thinking to break all that barriers to achieve your goal in 2020, this is the event.

Registration cost is just $25 USD.

To join, reach out to me at

To learn about more, watch my Facebook live video here.