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Mar 27, 2020

As most of you know that Mike Sjogren was going to speak to my 3 day PREF event but we had to cancel it and I reached out to him to ask him if he can share his presentation with us.

So let me introduce Mike again...

Michael and his wife Krysten founded Occupied, LLC, a national short-term rental investment and management company in 2017, as a vehicle to build passive income so they could stop trading away time from family for a paycheck.

That vision came to fruition within 18 months when their short term rental portfolio replaced their income and Krysten and Michael both left their corporate jobs.

They are based out of Boston, MA and currently they have a portfolio of 27 short-term rentals across five states including MA, NH, NC, FL & TX and most recently they purchased their 1st boutique hotel on Boston's north shore.

Michael is also the founder of Short Term Rental Secrets, a mentor ship program to help new and seasoned real estate investors launch, automate & scale their short term rental portfolio and fast track their journey to economic independence.

In this interview, Mike shared his tactics on how to survive during the global pandemic time where almost no business left immune from it.

Also, why the next few months would be very important to look out for properties on sale.

To watch the interview, Click here.

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