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Apr 13, 2020

Let me ask you these:

Are you held back by your limiting beliefs?

Do you even know you're held back by your limiting beliefs?

Do you even know you have limiting beliefs?

You know we all have limiting beliefs. A lot of it stems back to how you were raised? Even what family you were born in to.

Last weekend, I told my daughters that you are going to be more wealthier than we are because you were born into a family that is doing well, you know no different.

I mean anybody can have a little bit of money struggles now and then and they have heard us talk about that.

But I honestly think that my daughters will have a wealthier lifestyle than we will. I see already in my older brother's family. And this has happened to his family is because they just think differently than the way we were brought up. And the part of it is the society and the people they surrounded themselves with.

But I see many many people stuck in their belief system that doesn't even serve them. They are struggling with money in day to day basis, they are struggling with addiction and so on.

But ask yourself- Where does it come from?

You have to spend some time thinking on it. You just don't wake on one day and realize that to yourself saying; Oh! I got a limiting belief and I have to get rid of it.

But you need to spend time thinking where this limiting belief came from?

Why do you have them?

And which one's do you want to change?

The last question is very important because some of the beliefs you have now with you that you're happy with them and you don't want to change them because you have become what you are because of those beliefs.

But when you want to reach to the next stage, then you might want to consider checking on your beliefs again to see if any of the belief is holding you back.

You might have heard me saying this quote: New Level, New Devil.

And if any of your belief is holding you back from getting where you want to then you might want to consider how to overcome it pretty soon.

You don't get your new goal as the person you were but as the person you are becoming. So think about that too.

Spend some time reading about limiting beliefs as I am studying through my coach and Bob Proctor. If you change your beliefs you can change your life and I know it doesn't come easy.

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