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Apr 20, 2020

First of all, I think a lot of people don't even recognize what beliefs they have about money. I even still have some limiting beliefs I catch myself thinking.

My brother buys lottery tickets all the time. Just recently he sent us a text letting all our siblings know that he bought a lottery ticket and put all our names on the lottery ticket.

And my immediate thought was Oh my gosh! We're never going to win the lottery! Good luck with that.

But you know what, that's entirely a limiting belief.

I know at one point while working with my coaches, I was telling him that I think I reached at maximum capacity of what I was able to raise for capital.

And he replied, Edna, why is that?

I told him that you know what if it's a worst case scenario and I have to pay it back out of my own pocket?

So my coach told me that, Edna that's a very limiting belief that you have and you have to stop thinking like that.

I gave it a second thought about it to see what can I do it differently and ended up buying a larger Life Insurance policy because one of the fear I had was that what happens to my family if something bad happen to me, who will look after my Investors.

This is one kind of a fear that some of my students feel as well. They also think like what if something happens to me and I would not be able to repay to all my investors?

But you know what, we can not live our whole life based on what could go wrong?

We have to start thinking what could go right?

Even the biggest mogul in the world, Donald Trump uses investor's capital to fund his deals. Almost everyone uses investor's capital directly or indirectly.

Many people know that a positive attitude about money allows you to embrace financial success more freely. But you are probably already aware of how hard it is to unlearn limiting beliefs around money that lead to procrastination or even self-sabotage.

Imagine how happy you will feel when you are liberated to thrive financially and expand your perspective to embrace prosperity.

Last weekend, I was speaking in front of public forum online, and one of the audience members asked me "Edna, is it possible to buy Real Estate with No Mone"y?

I said YES! When I say Buy Real Estate with No Money, means none of your own money. We have done so many deals with none of our own money and you can, too.

So always keep confidence in yourself which is a key element in acquiring the wealth.

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