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May 4, 2020

Last week we discussed "What is a Paradigm?" A paradigm is a typical example or pattern of something". So what a subconscious paradigm is to us is a pattern or programming through constant repetition of a thought, phrase, belief, or habit.

We all have paradigms whether you are aware of them or not. Some serve us and others prevent us from having more from life.

Changing Paradigms can be essential to achieving and attracting what you desire into your life.

A paradigm in a sense, tells you there's a game, what that game is and how to play it successfully. A paradigm shift is changing to a new game or a new set of rules...and when the rules change, the whole world appears to change.

One way to do this is through affirmations. Find positive statements that mirror the beliefs or behaviors you want to incorporate and read the statements over and over again.

I have been writing positive affirmations and my goals for over six months now and believe me it has worked for me.

I also write down what I want daily in the morning and read it loudly over and over again for at least 5 minutes. By doing so, my mind becomes laser focused on my goals and works toward achieving the goals through out the day.

To listen to my Facebook video on "How to Change a Paradigm"; Click here.

Also, throughout the whole month I am setting up 3 workshops which will help change your paradigms and force you to work towards your goal(s).

First workshop- will be on May 12th at 12:00 PM MST. (SK Time).

To join for the workshop; Click here.