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May 13, 2020

Due to COVID-19 pandemic we have seen economies around the world came to a halt. Most business have been closed, jobs been lost and once we go in to reopening of economies we are not sure what the New Normal will look like.

And so I thought of introducing Sherry who helped me find an amazing office manager.

Sherry Knight is the CEO of Dimension 11 company, specializes in recruitment for businesses, talent retention, talent development & Organizational training, talent coaching, talent outplacement and Organizational Development.

Sherry helps businesses find a suitable candidate, does executive coaching after hiring the candidate and in turn helps companies grow their companies.

She also helps individuals find a job, start a new business, improve skills and plan the retirement process.

Currently, one of her clients is looking to provide a franchisee in Regina area and if any one of you are interested please reach out to her at

Besides this, Sherry also has mastermind groups and online workshops where she delivers her speeches and does the presentation for companies.

To watch my interview with Sherry Knight, Click here.

You can also listen this interview on my podcast and on iTunes.

And to find out more about Sherry and her company Dimension 11, visit