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May 15, 2020

Working with a coach has become quite the norm in our modern work world. From professional athletes to successful business professionals, from mid-life moms to college graduates, the reasons for working with a coach are as varied as the individuals.

Coaching can take many forms, from individual sessions to group workshops, in person, on the phone or over the internet.

I've had personal coaches since 1999. Most successful business owners, athletes, sales people have personal coaches and the one of the reasons can't see their own blind spots.

You can have the same business struggle year over year and then I hire a coach who can spot your problem in a matter of minutes. You can then be showed a way to overcome those challenges.

Some of the reasons I hired coaches throughout my life is to help with my mindset, to help me leverage my business, to help me grow from Zero in Real Estate to owning 520 doors, mostly in multi-family.

Generally, I hire my coach for a specific reason. And right now, I am working with my mindset coach to grow my income much higher in an efficient and timely way.

You might wonder why I've had so many coaches, right?

I had much success in the past, but you know everybody changes and so does their goals over time.

With your new goal, there's the thing that you need to wrap your head around. As my coach says;

"New Level, New Devil".

Also for people out there who are working with any coaches or want to hire one, keep this one thing in mind Always:

Being Coach-able is So Important.

My current coach was working with Bob Proctor and he had hard time hitting some of his goals. So he reached out to Bob Proctor and ask him why he's not reaching his goals?

Bob Proctor replied that Dave you're not coach-able. Your ego is too big and that's why you're struggling. Just listen what I say and Just do it!

When I hire my coach I always ask him these two questions-

How many doors you own?


What are your daily Habits that you do no matter what?

When I get those two answers I get confident that this coach would help me achieve my next goal. Imagine, if you hire a coach, who merely hasn't done much in the field you're interested in then how can (s)he can help you achieve your goal.

So I always recommend using like minded coach for yourself who can easily identify your challenge and help you overcome it.

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