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May 25, 2020

Your Subconscious Mind is what runs your life.

The person that talks to you (most of the time) is YOU.

What I mean by that is -Every word that you say out loud, you hears it all the time. Everything that you say to yourself as in a thought, you hear it all the time.

It's like feeding yourself whatever you're saying. And if you're saying something negative, then you're programming your subconscious mind with that negativity.

So you need to take control of that by paying attention to what you're thinking.

First book I read about this years ago was "What To Say When You Talk To Yourself" and that book showed me how negatively I spoke to myself. Back then it took a long time to change the way I was thinking.  I still work on that as what got me here won't take me to the next level.  "New level new devil".

The first step to do to change your negative thinking is to speak kindly to yourself.

Ever had someone say something to you that just makes you feel really good? Or maybe someone's words had the exact opposite effect?

Whether you like it or not, words have power.

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