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May 27, 2020

Today I am introducing another student success story of Harry Samby. Harry is an engineer by profession and very passionate about investing in Real Estate.

In this interview Harry shares his story of How he started his journey in Real Estate and is now a proud owner of a Multi-Family.

Harry is from Waterloo, ON and he's been garnering information on how to invest in a Real Estate. One day while surfing through the internet Harry found me and found my website and suddenly felt that Edna is the one who could be his mentor and coach.

Harry connected with Edna and joined 90 Days to $5Kprogram in November 2019. From that course, his mindset has changed drastically.

Harry says initially before making a big decision he was hesitant whether to jump in to investing in Real Estate or not. But within a few weeks of joining the program, his mindset has changed and he was able to finally close his first Multi-Family deal in White Court, AB.

As most of you know investing in Real Estate comes with a lot of due diligence from finding a deal and investors, analyzing the deal, making an offer, presenting the deal to potential investor(s) to closing the deal to name a few.

And if you're not well educated and prepared then you're most likely to lose the deal.

The 90 Days to $5K program has helped Harry to bridge the gap between all these challenges that come in a way to get his first Multi-Family. Harry says if you are seeing the whole picture to invest in Real Estate then most people might change their mind saying it's too much work involved.

But if you breakdown the process in to segments then you are most likely going to succeed.

Harry was able to close the deal within weeks with more than 80% VTB. And the exciting part of the deal was that the appraisal was $200,000 more than what they paid for it.

With strong aspirations and commitment you also can put your plan into an action and create the life you've always dream of.

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