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Jun 8, 2020

Working or getting around during the COVID-19 crisis has fundamentally changed many things. Because of the corona virus crisis and the social distancing measures the way we're connecting and networking have drastically changed.

As no one has experienced this crisis before in their lifetime, the world as we know it has come to a stand still. Current measures from our government to reopen the economy have many of us wondering what the post crisis situation will look like.

But during this unprecedented phase, we've learnt a lot. We have shown our true human character by showing solidarity to fight the crisis.

Myself and many others have came together through social media platforms, zoom meetings by sharing their knowledge and wisdom on how to survive during this tough times. We've literally held each others' hands.

Many people have shifted to work from homes with the help of virtual technologies like zoom meetings, Facebook messenger etc. I've so many people reached out during the crisis on their mindset issues and it has worked out pretty well for us.I also even learnt a lot during this time from my coach and mentor.

From real estate investments perspective, most of our lenders have worked with us in deferring our mortgages as some of the tenants have lost their jobs and have hard time paying rents. As landlords, we also understand this crisis came out of nowhere and no one, I mean no one was prepared for this.

So during this time, I talk to my accountants and investors over the live zoom meetings which saves a lot of time driving back and forth. Attending Real Estate Investors summits online where I've seen Real Estate Investors attending this online meeting from all over Canada. Sharing their stories and challenges and discussing the possible solution from different points of view have helped us survive during the crisis and now we regularly connect with each other.

Even if we are suffering through the COVID-19 crisis, I've seen and experienced tremendous positive sides which we can learn from this crisis.

Don't you agree with me?

Watch my Facebook video here, on Networking during COVID-19 and how it has helped me see the bright side from different angel.

I want to know your story how you have been networking during the crisis. Share your story in the comment field by visiting my Facebook page-->>