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Jun 11, 2020

  • I have always been an admirer of bottom line (Profit) ever since I read the book Profit First and one of the reasons I wanted to share David Richter on this interview.

    So,today I am introducing a fellow from Richmond, Virginia who practices the Profit First Strategy for himself and helps entrepreneurs grow their profits.

    David is also a Real Estate Investor and bought his first property when he was 19 years old. He lived there for couple of years and then after doing minor renovations he rented it as a rent to own option. And within six months the tenant closed the deal and he was able to take out his investment earlier than expected.

    So he started investing in real estate deals at the early age. He also worked for a Real Estate Investment company where they were doing all kinds of deals like wholesaling, fix and flips, lease options and turnkey options. So he has learned most strategies while working there.

    Now fast forward, today David Richter is founder and Owner of Simple CFO Solutions and is on a mission to help stressed entrepreneurs who are frustrated with not knowing their numbers and not making profit by cleaning up their books, interpreting their numbers for them, and implementing a system to increase and prioritize their profits to be able to be less stressed, confident in their numbers, and make the profit they need to accomplish their vision.

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