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Jun 17, 2020

Mobile Home Investments are more popular than ever before. Many believe that it's because housing markets have sky rocketed and there is also tightening of the lending rules.

Today I have the pleasure of introducing Jay and Samera Harvey who left their 9 to 5 jobs and jumped full time in to Real Estate Investing.

Jay was in the Air force and Samera is a CPA by profession. When Jay finished his degree in Finance they both started looking to start their own business. But after trying many businesses they never really got success as they were looking for.

After reading a Rich Dad Poor Dad book they knew straight away that Real Estate was the business they wanted to get into. After taking training from their mentor, they decided to invest in Mobile Homes.

Up until now they have closed over 400 deals with initial investments around $10,000. Their investments are spread all over the USA and now they are teaching others their strategies through "Trailer Cash Academy."

Find out on YouTube why more and more real estate investors are wanting to know the secret behind flipping mobile homes in parks! You can also find their contact information in the description section below the video.

To listen to the interview, Click here.

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