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Jun 29, 2020

Decisions are part of our daily life. It helps us carve our life inside out.

I listen to Bob Proctor's video on Decision everyday, which prompted me to discuss today's topic.

To watch Bob Proctors's video, Click here.>>>

I think for so many reasons, we don't really understand what a decision is and what it does for us.

So when we make decision let's say for example, I'm not going to eat after 6 pm everyday. That decision is set in your mind until you eat after 6 pm.

But what if you have made an Advanced Decision that you'd stick to your decision no matter what. My assistanct for an example, fasts once a week. Even if we have an office meeting and having lunch together, he doesn't eat if he's fasting on that day.

He's being fasting for many years and no matter what, he doesn't eat on that day even if we ask him. He doesn't have to decide whether he wants anything or not. Eating on that day is simply not a consideration and that's an advanced decision which is well tempered with discipline.

The exact same concept works for the person who wants to lose weight and is on a strict diet. It doesn't matter when that person being offered a chocolate cake, he/she will refuse to have it.

Most people would have heard this; "We become what we think about".

What do you think about?

How often have you caught yourself saying I'd like to do this, do that, but I can't because...?

Whatever follows BECAUSE is the circumstance. Circumstance may cause a detour in your life, but you must not permit them to stop you from making important decisions.

Whether its following your diet plans,daily exercise plan or sales calls.

Sticking to your decisions, will help you become successful.

So let me ask you, "Where can you make a decision that is going to really matter in your life?"

One of the things that I do everyday no matter what is to write down affirmations and say it out loud to myself. Those things are absolutely working for me.

So make a decision for yourself and if you need my help on how can you stay on course with your decision and fulfill your GOAL, reach out to me by email