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Jul 2, 2020

Lauren is the busy mom who started her Real Estate Investing journey about 8 years ago. Lauren started out as a Franchise Development for Subway after her graduation. But after having her children and a full time corporate job, she was not able to give enough time for her children and she thought of quitting her 9-5 job.

Lauren dreamed of creating a business that would give her personal and professional satisfaction, but with the flexibility to make sure she wouldn't miss the important moments of her family life.

She is from southern California and she started as a house flipper in Orange County in LA. As the returns dried up in California, she has diversified her investment portfolio to Nashville, TN and in Oklahoma.

Lauren has a "People First" approach in her business.

She has done all her deals virtually by finding local strategic partners. We all now can imagine how doing deals virtually has helped us sustain our investment portfolio during the pandemic.

Lauren has developed a reputation in the industry for persevering in extremely competitive markets by constantly following the market changes, changing market territories if needed, and buying properties based on comparable sales versus speculation.

To learn more about Lauren Hardy, listen to my podcast.