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Aug 21, 2020

There was a time when buying a property automatically meant going through the multiple listing service. Now since we have made ourselves quite familiar using the internet and social media platforms, you need to think outside the box to find real estate deals.

There's all kind of deals out there but you have to set yourself up as the person that people bring those kind of deals too.

One of the first things I teach in my course 90 Days to $5K is how to network and how to get your name out there as somebody who is looking to buy apartment buildings this year.

The more people you can tell, the more deals come your way. I have seen people posting to their Facebook page saying something like; "I am taking on something new this year. I signed up for the new course and I am learning how to buy Multi-Family property and if any of you know of someone who is looking to sell multi-family property, I'd love to hear from them. Send them my way."

Yes, you can post it to multiple social media platforms, such as Linkedin, respective Facebook groups and don't just do it once. Come back to it again and update yourself once in a while.

Explain exactly what you're looking for. For example, if you're looking for 5-plex or more and also write down in what location you're looking for.

Advise: Don't limit your area where you're looking for especially when you're learning. Since you could find your best deal half way across the country.

In my course, I also teach how to build your power team so that you don't have to look after that property if you live half way across the country.

Also, the right networking approach gives you a proverbial crystal ball when it comes to off-market properties. There are many people you should keep in your inner networking circle.

You should have relationships with realtors, mortgage brokers and attorneys and they are one of the best resources to find a deal for you. As I have a very strong relationship with realtors over the years, I've been getting deals all the time. Just this week alone, I got two 8-plex and a 40-units mobile home park across my desk.

In addition, if you are actively engaged with other investors and you know what you're doing then you may be able to get in on larger investments than you could find or do on your own if you're invited to participate in a joint venture. Deals could quite literally come right to your doorstep if you know the right people.

When you know what you're doing and speak to your network in a professional manner, I am sure you'll be able to find the deals for yourself.

And if you're not getting deals, then you're not letting yourself be known as a go to person.

So if you want to learn how to find the deals and scale your Real Estate Portfolio, reach out to me


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