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Sep 2, 2020

Chris Arnold is a licensed broker in Asia and then he started investment in Real Estate which primarily focuses on wholesaling and fix & flips in Dallas-Fort Worth area which runs virtually and allows Chris to live in Tulum, Mexico full time.

Their company is one of the largest fix and flip company in North Texas area and they focus primarily on finding motivated sellers opportunities to connect with investors looking for deals.

Chris teaches an advanced online radio advertising program that shows you how to build a motivated seller lead generating machine that pulls in high quality leads.

Most of us think of a traditional ad when one decides to go for the radio advertisements. We call in the station and they provide a media kit and they run the advertisements on their station with minimal or no leads at all.

On the flip side, what Chris and his team does is they pull out the data from the radio station such as who listens to the stations, age group, how many people own versus rent etc.

Based on from that data, they reach out to the radio company and negotiate the advertising price and ad spots for pennies on dollar.

In this way, Chris helps his clients which radio stations to choose and Why it is mission critical to the success with this explosive marketing channel.

Chris also helps his clients shape, structure and build their motivated seller ads and track what matters to you to generate explosive profits in their businesses.

This Marketing Channel Brings In Loads of Highly Motivated Sellers With Virtually NO Competition!

On top of that, it's 100% inbound marketing. Meaning, you don't have to hunt leads down- they call you. You don't even have to spend time tracking down lists to market, too!

You can reach out to Chris Arnold by visiting