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Feb 5, 2021

A lot of real estate investors often wonder how I was able to scale my portfolio with a busy schedule.

So first of all the key is to actually schedule the time that it takes in order to scale your portfolio. That might be something as simple as the course that you bought. Set aside the time for the course you took and show up for the live call every time.

For ex., to achieve your goal you have wrote down the action steps but never actually took those steps.

If you're working full time then schedule the time around your work hours. For ex., instead of having lunch with your co-workers, sit down at your desk and get your education done or call out to potential investors or do a live video on social media to put your face in front of others so that people watching you know what you're doing.

All those things need to be scheduled and it has to be a habit.

I used to do Facebook lives for may be around the last 5 years or so for Mindset Mondays and Free Coaching Fridays. And I always scheduled the time in my calendar so that I didn'tt miss them.

But sometimes, I got busy handling my calls which then leads to couple more calls and then paper work and what not. The next thing I realized is that I forgot to do my video today and it's almost end of the day. So it happens to everyone sometimes.

So what are you doing to schedule your stuff?

Things like I talk about to help with your mindset, what are you doing to schedule that?

Are you practicing your meditation everyday?

Are you giving yourself some time to just sit and think?

Do you give yourself some time to exercise?

Do you give yourself some time to pre-plan your meal so you're eating healthy every week?

If you set those things in your schedule, you simple don't miss them.

Another thing which I tell my students is to network with people. And I know some of you do not set out time to network.

And sometimes last minute things comes up and you don't make it to the meeting and that's okay. But if you put the time in your scheduler then people don't book around that time and you have less chance to miss it.

For those of you who are working to scale your real estate business and are expecting to get more calls then I'd recommend to get one of those online scheduler. I use and whenever someone wants to connect with me I send out my booking link so they can schedule a call which works out for both of us and helps save us time asking which time works best for you.

I also ask my clients to call me instead of me calling them. And this is because sometimes my previous call goes a little longer and I don't reach out to my next caller in time. While I am on another call and the next caller calls me then I immediately send out text- Can I call you back?

Once my call ends and I connect with the next client, I explained what happened so that he/she knows why I didn't pick up the call first time.  This alos helps me end the other call quickly so I stay on schedule.

Another time saving tip that I want to share with you is to handle the paper once if you can. Plan out your dates according to your statements so that you have to deal with the paper work only once.

You might have heard the story of putting the big rock in the jar first. If you put whole bunch of sand in the jar then you're not going to have the room for the big rock.

Similarly, you put the important things first and then the less important things to fill up your scheduler.

So what are some of the big rocks that you need to schedule in your scheduler?

That's the question you should ask yourself.

So how do you scale your portfolio on your schedule? Put it in your schedule and things will happen for you.

If you need my help to scale your portfolio, go to and watch my Masterclass.

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