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Mar 3, 2021

I got a chance to interview this wonderful person, Alex Morin who is from Vancouver, B.C. and now lives just outside of Toronto, ON.

Alex graduated from UBC with a degree in English Literature and has used his knowledge of expression and communication in all facets of his professional and personal life.

Alex wed his first wife and had two children after he moved to Ontario to support his wife's ambitions and make a go of a music career in Toronto. Shortly thereafter he joined the corporate world as an Account Manager in promotional advertising, where he climbed the corporate ladder, over the span of nearly twenty years, and eventually became a partner in a successful international corporation. He's still a shareholder with that company, today.

It was there that he met his second wife and, together, they share another child. Most recently, he had an epiphany and decided to follow his heart and start a podcast.

He's the host of a new podcast called, "Almost Enlightened." In this interview you'll learn what the show's about and what inspired Alex to create it. You'll also get immersed in the energy and get a glimpse of what lies ahead.

For those who want to do what you love, Alex says; just take a step. Progress starts from taking your first step towards where you want to go and the next thing you'll realize yourself saying  I'm happier than three days ago... I am way more successful than a year ago.

All it takes is just your first step and the next.

Listen to the podcast interview for more.

You can reach out to Alex by visiting his website: