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Dec 30, 2019

In life and work, success begins with a goal. It could be losing weight, quitting smoking or starting your own business. Big or small, goals give us purpose and, like a compass, keep us headed in the right direction. Of course, it then takes lots of hard work and determination to reach your destination.


Dec 27, 2019

Today, I want to announce that we have officially started our own REIT- Real Estate Investment Trust. It will be out next month since we don't want to incur any tax and file tax returns so we decided to start it in a new year.

We are also positive that we will be officially announcing our first purchase in a short...

Dec 27, 2019

our mental models and mindsets will determine your life. Harness and control them to achieve the impossible.

All we can control in this life is our thoughts, which lead to perception and action. If your thoughts are running amok, it will throw your life into chaos. The life you want comes from the way you think - you...

Dec 20, 2019

Today I want to talk about the automated Amazon Business which I learned about two weeks ago and I think it's a great opportunity for people to look at. I am getting some feedback I wanted to answer to.

A few are curious to know if the business is legit? How long do you know these people I'm asked? And most important...

Dec 19, 2019

Yesterday I had an opportunity to speak to one of my students- Khatera Osman who I was talking about a lot lately and so many of my students want to hear her success story.

So here she is on my show and telling her story.

Khatra started following me about six months ago on Facebook. By listening and watching my posts on...