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Sep 17, 2021

I am very excited to introduce my daughter Desiree Keep who recently graduated from high school.

She's such a brilliant girl who has a strong desire to manifest her BIG audacious dreams.

Desiree currently works at Olive Garden restaurant and gets her sales motivation from her wonderful mother, Edna.

Tune in to learn how...

Sep 15, 2021

Today I want to introduce you to a very interesting person Jason Hartman who is from Los Angeles, CA and he's going to educate us about inflation in more detail.

Jason has been involved in several thousand real estate transactions and has owned income properties in 11 states and 17 cities.

His companies help people...

Sep 8, 2021

Today I want to introduce you Aaron Fragnito who is from Summit, NJ and he is involved in RE his whole career.

He's graduated from a college and learnt from his entrepreneurship degree many things.

But believes that no college degree teaches us "How to create wealth".

Aaron got inspired by reading a book "Rich Dad, Poor...