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Mar 31, 2021

Today I am very pleased to introduce to you Todd Toback and share with you his success story.

Todd is originally from Michigan and he moved to San Diego, California at an early age and he started working for Pfizer pharmaceuticals. As this was his first job out of college, he credits this first job as the roots of his...

Mar 18, 2021

Bailey is a very interesting person who is a real estate investor, entrepreneur & podcast host, based in Orlando, Florida!

Bailey uncovered his passion for real estate investing when he was 19 years old after reading Rich Dad Poor Dad in his college dorm. Since then Bailey has focused on acquiring properties, all using...

Mar 10, 2021

Today I have the pleasure to introduce Darren Voros originally from Alberta but now lives in Toronto, ON.

Darren is an accomplished real estate investor, trainer and coach. Darren started investing in Real Estate in 2002. He was a full time musical theatre actor in Universal Studios in Japan and worked there for a...

Mar 3, 2021

I got a chance to interview this wonderful person, Alex Morin who is from Vancouver, B.C. and now lives just outside of Toronto, ON.

Alex graduated from UBC with a degree in English Literature and has used his knowledge of expression and communication in all facets of his professional and personal life.

Alex wed his...