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Apr 5, 2021

I have a great pleasure to introduce Marcin Drozdz who is a business partner with our Memphis deals and expert real estate investor from Toronto, ON.

Marcin is an active investor with a 300 unit real estate portfolio & has sourced over $250 million for several business ventures.

Marcin is the creator of The Infinite Cash Flow System based on his 15 years of experience in creating wealth through cash flow real estate. When he's not working with investors or mentoring students he enjoys inspiring entrepreneurs, business owners, and those just starting to explore living life on their own terms.

Outside of real estate, Marcin is the host of the Podcast "The Game". A platform where he interviews some of the top minds in business, sports, and life.

In this interview, Marcin is sharing the current deal that we are investing in Memphis, TN and why we are moving our real estate portfolio to USA.

He says that you can either buy $850,000 condo in Toronto area or buy 30 apartments in Memphis with that budget.

Another reason is the cash flow for invested dollar amount. The Gross Rent Multiplier for our investment in Memphis is around 3 which means in three years the property would pay for itself in gross received rents.

Also, Fedex has it's global headquarter in Memphis, TN with other big guys like Amazon and Nike have also invested in Memphis area providing lots of blue collar jobs.

To connect with Marcin, visit