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May 25, 2021

Today I have with me my Mastermind member Denise Drinkwalter on my 7 Figure Real Estate Podcast. We've been doing Mastermind group study together for the past eight months and I've been very impressed with what she's doing.

Denise has done numerology for us which is very interesting and she also works with parents of adult children which is something I have never heard any body else doing. And lots of us have adult children and if you don't have adult children then one day you'll have at some point.

So Denise has really good tips and tricks on how we handle that on going relationship between parents and adult children.

In this show, Denise talks to us about numerology and how we can use numbers to help us understand our life paths and how we can improve it further.

Numerology is a language, it's the study of numbers. Numbers are language that can be transferred and translated in to English and that's what Denise does.

So when Denise does read the numbers for you, the messages that are in the numbers that you see and she give the message that comes out from those numbers.

Denise also has a program for dealing with your adult children that she's starting on June 1st. It's called Cut the cord, not the ties.

As moms, You give advice, money, gifts, time, in ways you don't even give to yourself, but hey that is absolutely okay because it is your responsibility, as their Mom.

That is what a Mom does, she makes sure her children are loved. You have a role, a duty, a responsibility to provide and because they are going through a difficult adult life right now it is up to you Mom to provide it all. They need you and all that you have to get them through.​

However, there is a bit of a problem. You are getting a bit resentful. You are actually exhausted, and feeling like you are being asked to help out more and more all the time.

When do you get 'You' time? When do you get to enjoy YOUR life?

When does the squeezing, stress, requests and demands from them stop?

Is it okay to put in boundaries and say NO, even maybe just once?

Your role as a Mom is requiring change.

You no longer have the responsibilities that you have been accustomed to for 20 + years, and that my dear is HUGE.

That is why Denise created this course. It is all about YOU, for YOU, and because of YOU.


To learn more Denise and her programs, listen to the full interview.

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