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Jul 14, 2021

Today I have Amira Alvarez on my 7 Figure Real Estate Podcast show. Amira is a founder and CEO of The Unstoppable Woman, a global coaching company helping entrepreneurs, empire builders and rising stars in all fields achieve their goals and dreams faster than they ever believed possible.

A former victim of a hamster wheel that so many entrepreneurs get stuck on, Amira knows all too well what it feels like to be seduced by the momentary sense of accomplishment one feels when a project is finished or a sale is closed. That's why she's made it her mission to provide clear strategies for anyone to take their business to the next level- without sacrificing their inner peace along the way.

As a member of the "quantum leap" club- going from barely making 6-figures to $700K in one year then on to the 7-figures the next- Amira is armed with the exact mindset shifts and tactical strategies that are required for business owners to get out of their own way, live life on their own terms, and master the art of achieving any goal they set their mind to.

Amira is also the host of The Unstoppable Woman podcast where she gently yet boldly empowers her client to step forward and create even more financially and soulfully-rewarding businesses.

To learn more about Amira Alvarez, listen to the full interview.

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