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Apr 29, 2019

051 Mindset - Protect Your Confidence


Protecting Your Confidence is such a key when you are dealing with any kind of business and that was our topic today in Mindset Monday. Few years back I took a coaching course with Dan Sullivan on protecting your confidence and I refer it to myself all the time because it makes such a difference in my life which allows us to do so much more.

So what do you do to protect your confidence?

Well, one of the things that worked for us is to be around like minded people. People who are in trenches doing the same thing that we are, having the same challenges that we are, having the same successes we are.

We didn't know everything when we started this business 12 years ago. There were all kinds of challenges that have came up during the journey. We have learned the best ways to survive in a challenging market, the best ways to deal with investors and JV partners.

Having people like that with whom we can bounce ideas back and forth and even someone who says something like this; Edna, I absolutely feel your pain. You know I have been there, I have done that and this is how I have handled it. I am not sure if that was perfect how I handled it but this is how I handled it. All these stuff can help you protect your confidence.

We tend to beat ourselves up over things that aren't working as we have wanted them to, different issues come up and we second guess ourselves wondering if we are doing as well as we could be and when there's someone around like ourselves who say, hey, we have been there and this is how we have came out. This is how we protect our confidence.

Different other things that helped me to protect my confidence is to working out regularly. Know your body what it can handle and what it can't. Such as sleep patterns, food and drink habits etc. Do meditate to relieve stress and find what motivates you and do them regularly to protect your confidence.

So being around like minded people with whom we can share our ideas, challenges and success to and working out regularly while knowing your body will protect your confidence.