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May 13, 2019

The majority of difference between what you get in this life and what you want will be due to your decision making. A minority of that difference will be due to chance/luck. Regardless of our age, we can always make better decision for ourselves, starting today and if we don't we will be part of someone else's plan.

So the question arises; "Why is anyone successful?" The answer is, successful people approach decisions with caution and and make decisions via evaluations with a clear mind. It is more about taking control and less about being a victim. So you have to take that control, the Universe has given it to you, it is in your control to make a life you want.

So how to be Intentional? Decide that you are will your life intentionally, it could be simple as something like when you wake up in the morning you will do meditation for the 30 minutes or you will exercise for 30 minutes to stay healthy. If you feel that your energy is waving or you have got foggy brain, those are challenges that are fixable. It is up to you to decide that you are going to do something about it. Like, if you have a weight issue then you will stop eating chips every night of the week or stop drinking soda. Those are all intentional decisions in your life. If you don't make the decision consciously and you let like happen to you, then good luck, you are not going to have the life you are capable of having, You are just going to go with the flow and be a part of someone else's plan.

Very successful people consistently set goals and set their life up intentionally. They decide how they want their life to look and they put things in motion to make it happen. That doesn't mean you are not going to have crap happen to you. You are still going to have crap happen to you but how you respond to that crap is a big thing. For example, if you're in an abusive relationship and you got beat up everyday if you choose to stay there and choose to feel like you don't have any other choices. Well, those are choices, right? If I choose to Stay, I choose to stay. I do understand all the different nuances and like that but ultimately many many people get away from those kind of relationships and go on to thrive. Look at Oprah, she was abused while she was young and had all other kind of challenges. But she chose to make her life much much bigger than the challenges she has.

If we want to live an intentional life, we have to change our choices. So write it down and start by making a check list of things that you want to intentionally live your life by and then make it happen.

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