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May 27, 2019

A lot of people think that Mindset is "Woo Woo". So is Mindset really a "Woo Woo"? Let's find out.

Many people when we talk about having the right mindset for success will say, ‘oh I have been there, I already know that’. Just show me what to do and I will do the work and the work will make it happen. So definitely I know how to work and I have worked since I was 14 and I have never been without a job.

I asked myself why some of the people are more successful than others even though they work less? That even happened in my case too. So I started figuring out asking myself why am I not successful as others even when I work so hard? I have started learning mindset developments over the last ten years and one of the training I took was with Marshall Sylver, hypnotist. One of the things that he pointed out is that we all have subconscious limiting beliefs that we don't even know. Let's say such as, that we eat egg and toast for breakfast everyday almost everyday. So where does that habit come from? Is that because we ate that as kids? Yes. If you ate cereal for breakfast as a kid - then you probably still do, if you eat muffins for breakfast, then you probable still do this too. But if someone try to give me muffin for breakfast, I feel like it's cake. Really, I would eat cake for breakfast? So where do these mindsets come from? All different culture's have different breakfast habits such as Rice & Beans or Soup or all the kinds of stuff for their breakfast food. But nobody thinks anything of it. So these habits were built into our mind since we were kids and that is why I believe mindset is not Woo Woo. This is something that you can study, figure out and then overcome.

If you always think you're not worthy or you don't deserve it or you can't get any better than what you are doing, then guess what you are right! Weather you think you can or you can not, you are right, you probable have heard that saying over the years. But to change that mindset, you need to have an Abundance Mindset. An Abundance mindset is the idea that you already have plenty, and there is enough to spare for everybody. The opposite is Scarcity Mindset: the mentality that you don’t have enough, and there isn’t enough for everyone.

When you have a Scarcity Mindset, you operate from a place of fear. When you have an Abundance Mindset, by contrast, you operate from a place of presence and power.

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