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Jul 22, 2019

Today we discussed the topic; brainstorming your way to success. Over the years there’s been a growing debate between those who assert that brainstorming as a process is ineffective (and provide research to support their perspective), and a second group that champion seemingly conflicting studies that suggest brainstorming, when executed properly and employing certain best practices, works very well.

So does brainstorming work, or not? Is it an effective process, or an empty promise? When you gather together a group of people to generate and develop ideas, are you just wasting everyone’s time and efforts?

And if brainstorming does, or at least can work, what does it take to increase your odds of success?

Sometimes its easier to talk through your challenges and come with some solutions. As you're talking them through to other people, it's part of why I love Masterminds. As Napoleon Hill says in his book "Think and Grow Rich"; if you pull up a group of people together, its like having third, fourth or fifth mind in the room. It's pulling collective minds together and working on one solution.

It is not always necessary that we need to mastermind with people who have a grasp on our business. A lot of times, the best ideas come from people who don't fully understand your business. Sometimes we talk ourselves out of something that potentially could work. For instance, you are talking to a doctor and you think that oh! he can't possibly understand my Real Estate business. But you know what Business is Business is Business. So he could very well have some great productivity hints for you or time saving hints or even just a new way to look at a business that you may not have thought about. Sometimes that's where your biggest ideas and breakthroughs come from.

Ralph Keeny, a retired professor at Duke's Fuqua College of Business and a consultant says that instead of parsing the objectives people hope to achieve, they direct their energy at coming up with solutions to broadly-stated problems.

Here are Keeney’s four steps to effective brainstorming:

1. Lay out the problem you want to solve.

2. Identify the objectives of a possible solution.

3. Try to generate solutions individually.

4. Once you have gotten clear on your problems, your objectives and your personal solutions to the problems, work as a group.

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