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Jul 29, 2019

A disciplined approach to thinking through problems is vital for everyone striving to succeed. So today we are going to talk about the ways successful people approach life differently. There are those people who seem to have no problem achieving goals but it’s not because they have a higher IQ or more time than you. It’s because they think and act differently. Here are 13 habits of successful people that you can apply in your life.

  1. Morning Routine: Successful people follow their morning routine that usually includesMeditation, Exercise and Reading something productive- whether they are trying to learn something new or stay on top of what they are already involved in. That morning routine can make all the difference for people.
  2. Watch Their Language: They watch what they say to themselves, they watch what they internalize and they watch what they say to other people it also makes another big difference.
  3. Argue for Their Greatness: Another thing I see successful people doing and that we really have to adopt is that they argue for their greatness as opposed to their limitations. Do you ever hear yourself saying; I can't do that...oh! that's just not for me...oh! you're way better than that of me.. that sort of things? Those are just ways of arguing for your limitations.
  4. They Surround Themselves with Like-minded People: I sure noticed the difference when I started out leveling up the people I hang around with because they make you think differently and they make you play a bigger game because they do think bigger. Sometimes when you're in a group of people of very successful people you notice how your thinking has kept you where you are. Also, like-minded people do not always have to be in the same industry as you are, because sometimes you get to learn from them things that you can apply to your business.
  5. They have Mentors and/or Coaches: Imagine if we have to learn from every single mistake we make ourselves, it slows down our growth significantly. Whereas if we can learn from other people, it makes a big difference. One of the sayings that I always kind notice about coaches is "They can see your future self, while the people who know you best can only see your existing self.
  6. They Read: Leaders are Readers. That is a great way to learn and a lot of people listen to audio books for people who don't like to physically read or find it challenging to read.
  7. They Get a Good Nighst Sleep: If you're not sleeping properly, nothing works right for you.
  8. They Eat Clean/Healthy: I have heard people getting depressed and feeling very low, only because they have not being eating healthy.
  9. They Continuously Learn and Apply What They have Learned: I have seen many people who like to read, but are not implementing what they have learned out of it. Although, you study, but you need to take the action steps that will make you better at what you are trying to learn.
  10. They Exercise: Exercise is a great stress relief. Not to mention a pain relief. I have talked to many many people who say if they don't exercise regularly they start getting aches and pains. So watch for that, if you start developing aches and pains that you don't think should be there, how much you are exercising? Or did you miss exercising?
  11. Listen to Your Inner Voice: Pay attention to what your inner voice is telling you. Some people call it intuition, some people call it their god speaking to them, some people say it's their Universe speaking to them. But your inner voice knows things that you’ve got to learn to listen to. I found meditation made a huge difference for me. Most successful people have made meditation a priority. Even when I read a auto biography of successful people, just about everyone has a meditation practice.
  12. Work within Your Strength: I know in school you are taught to work on your weaknesses. If you are not good at math, you should spend more time studying math. I can understand where everybody needs to have a basic knowledge of everything, but as life progresses, you find out that you're good at certain things and not so good at other things, you've got to stop working in those things that are really difficult for you.
  13. Team up with Different People Who have Different Strengths: Successful people seek people they can collaborate with, as well as those who complement their strengths and weaknesses. I've worked hard on having the best team surround me. This encourages and motivates me to become 10 times better. I am an eternal optimist, I always look for the upside thus I need a people in my team who point out the downside again and again.

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