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Nov 30, 2019

What are the different ways that you can structure deals creatively? You know, as unlimited as your mind is, you can structure deals creatively.

I have seen students of mine structure deals that I haven't. They might start out with the one or two ways that we have discussed and the next thing you know there are couple more different options that are new or were never ever discussed, but proceeding out of prior discussions or experience.

It's just comes by putting our minds together and making it work. So some of the ways that we have structured the deals are like vendor take backs, agreement for sale, taking possession of the property without having the title in your name, showing the vendor how it works to use a vendor take back, a lot of times the seller doesn't even know or they can't figure out how it can be good for both parties.

I usually find it best to start by asking enough questions to find out what your sellers problem or pain point is, then you can possibly solve that problem for him/her.

The proper way to negotiate a creative financing deal is to look at the other party as a partner.Think in terms of "how can I make money by getting him what he wants".