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Dec 19, 2019

Yesterday I had an opportunity to speak to one of my students- Khatera Osman who I was talking about a lot lately and so many of my students want to hear her success story.

So here she is on my show and telling her story.

Khatra started following me about six months ago on Facebook. By listening and watching my posts on Facebook she finally decided to jump on a call with me.

Khatera started with my Laser Focus Coaching program since she knew that she wanted to own multi-family in short period of time. She liked the idea that during this program she can talk to me face to face and resolve any questions she might have one on one. We do most of our calls on zoom. And on top of it, she can schedule as many calls as she wants as she completes her assignments.

But Khatera was so committed about her goal that she wanted to learn the whole process of investing in Real Estate. Since 90 Days to $5K is a more structured program and it goes from Module 1 to 12 where she learnt how to analyze the deals, doing due diligence, how to ask for vendor take backs in the proper way and timing and much more.

Khatera says sometimes you don't even finish your program and you'll be able to close the deal. And I was able to close my first 9 units multi-family in about 4 months and currently working on module 9.

Here's how it happened:

  • During the 90 Days to $5K program, I got to analyze over 100 deals and that's how I learnt how to analyze the deal and so far I have put an offer for 6 or 7 deals.
  • One of those offers almost got accepted but didn't end up happening as the other party had less conditions than mine.
  • But the second one I made an offer without much negotiation first. (Edna always says don't worry so much about the offer as the deal is negotiable right up until removal of conditions) I paid for the appraisal fee and got to know the current and future value of the property.
  • Once I had that information I did my due diligence and also found out what seller's needs wer and then started negotiating.
  • I came to know that the sellers are an older couple and are in retirement home and they need to close the deal ASAP, I asked for vendor take back while mentioning that building needs renovation.
  • The seller agreed and I got 80% VTB.
  • Khatera bought the property for $1.1 million and the appraisal value after renovation is $1.9 million. After refinancing the property, she will be able to make $600,000 in about 14 months. Isn't that amazing? And......she still owns the building.

Khatera says, during the whole process, I was in contact with Edna and she helped me a lot guiding me through the process.

To listen to the full episode; Click here.

As a Realtor Khatera is a true source of knowledge on what she does. For those of you who are looking to buy properties in Ontario or maybe wanted to joint partner with this action taker, visit her website

Khatera highly recommends to all who are serious about buying a multifamily in the next year to work with Edna and join her program 90 Days to $5K. And/OR Laser Focus Coaching.

And I also strongly believe that with the proper education and having a mentor besides you, you can also achieve your dream of earning $5,000per month or more in passive income through investing in Real Estate.

I will give you couple reasons to join my program NOW!

First, the 90 Days to $5K and Laser Focus Coaching programs prices are going up January 1st, 2020


Second, most of you can claim your education expense for the current year.

So don't waste time and click here to book a strategy call with me or visit and let's get you an apartment building this year!