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Dec 20, 2019

Today I want to talk about the automated Amazon Business which I learned about two weeks ago and I think it's a great opportunity for people to look at. I am getting some feedback I wanted to answer to.

A few are curious to know if the business is legit? How long do you know these people I'm asked? And most important what if I take a chance and if it doesn't work?

So let me tell you this is what I know the owner of the company is from Calgary AB and has been doing this for over five years now. And since they can get only one account per head as per Amazon policy, they decided to share this awesome opportunity to all of us so that we can all get benefit out of it. Andres advised me today that they have the bandwidth to manage 2000 websites and they've sold about 800 so far. They are moving into new markets quite quickly with the latest being Dubai. They feel within a year or two they will be at their maximum capacity.

But to answer the question " what if I take an opportunity and if it doesn't work out?" I have taken so many opportunities like this in the past and I am not afraid to tell you that not every single of them worked out for me. Had I not taken the opportunities as they came, then I would not have done so well. And no I do not get to go back to the person who shared the opportunity with me and blame them if everything doesn't work out.

You do the due diligence you need to satisfy yourself.

Even though we go through our cash flow challenges too along with 95% of business owners out there, I still believe we live in an abundant world, I have an abundant life and I absolutely love my life! Heck I even heard Elon Musk say recently he doesn't have much cash laying around.

And I want that for all of you too!

It starts by having an open mind. Expanding your mind in a new way requires having a mind that is open to everything and attached to nothing.

This sounds easy until you think about how much conditioning has taken place in your life and how many of your current thoughts were influence by geography, the religious beliefs of your family. the color of your skin, your gender, your size to name a few.

For example, if you were born in a White-Caucasian family and were adopted by a Chinese family then you would may be able to speak Chinese, read and understand Chinese and eat what they eat. That is our conditioning and we have to remember that.

And if you made any fuss about going against this preordained conditioning, you probably heard even stronger voices insisting that you get back in line and do things the way they have always been doing.

I urge you to open your mind to all possibilities and refuse to allow pessimism into your consciousness. Having an open mind allows you to explore, create and grow. A closed mind seals off any such creative explanation.

Remember that progress would be impossible if we always did things the way we always have. Refuse to allow yourself to have low expectations about what you're capable of creating.

As Michelangelo suggested, the greater danger is not that your hopes are too high and you fail to reach them; it's that they are too low and you do.

I wanted to point out to you all that if you have read the email that I sent out to you about the interview I did with Andres about this Automated Amazon Business. Look at it again, it has a potential to earn $14,000 a month with money back guarantee. And he also has a loan program for those who want to scale their business with him.

I mean, who does that? This is a very good opportunity and the minimum down payment to start the Amazon Automation business is going to increase by $10,000 USD January 1, 2020 so hurry up and grab the opportunity before it's too late.

To find out more on this topic; Watch my Facebook Live video here.


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